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How to Find Your Tennis League Rating

Looking to access your tennis league rating? NTRP Ratings are available on USTA's TennisLink. Find your rating as well as the ratings of all other players who played in USTA Tennis Leagues in the Midwest. Learn more about using TennisLink with the instructions below. You can also find additional information on appealing a tennis league rating.


To obtain this information do the following:

  • Go to TennisLink for Leagues
  • On the right side of the home page, select “Find A Rating”
  • You can review your own rating by inputting your USTA number
  • You can review your team’s ratings by inputting your team number
  • To look up other players, choose the Drill-Down Search
  • Select a year
  • Select Midwest Section
  • Select S.E. Michigan District
  • Optional step – select men or women
  • Optional step – select a specific NTRP level
  • Click – Submit



 A list of players will appear which will include names, city, NTRP level, the year of the rating, and the type of rating.


If you wish to appeal your rating you may do so on-line at TennisLink. Only the player may appeal his/her rating. To access the area to submit your request, you must log onto your USTA account at TennisLink for Leagues.


Computer rated players must meet the Nationally set guidelines that govern whether or not an appeal is granted. Once your request is submitted, the computer will determine whether or not you fit the criteria and you will receive an immediate decision.


Self-rated players must complete an on-line Player History form and submit it electronically to the Midwest Section where a committee will review your request and determine whether or not the appeal will be granted. This process generally takes around a week, but during peak registration times, it could take up to three weeks for a decision. You will receive the Midwest committee decision via email.


To appeal your rating – either up or down – do the following:

  • Go to TennisLink for Leagues
  • Log in to your account with TennisLink
  • To the far right side of your name you will see your current rating and underneath this there is a link – Appeal Rating Level – click here
  • Determine if you are appealing up or down and follow the instructions to continue your appeal request
  • If you are computer rated, the computer will review your rating and determine if you fit the criteria to be granted an appeal
  • If approved, the computer will change your rating immediately
  • If denied, the computer will tell you the reason that you did not fit the guidelines
  • If you are self-rated, a blank copy of a Player History form will be presented
  • Complete the history form and submit it electronically
  • You will receive an email within 1-3 weeks with the committee’s decision regarding your appeal request


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