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USTA Midwest 

Tennis Ambassadors 

<h2>USTA Midwest </h2>
<h1>Tennis Ambassadors </h1>

Meet your Midwest Tennis Ambassadors! As Ambassadors, these men and women are dedicated to sharing their passion of tennis throughout the Midwest Section and in their hometowns. These volunteers are motivated to promote the sport of tennis in their communities through their social media channels and by advertising local tennis tournaments and programs in their area. 



Sylvia Loo
H-F Racquet & Fitness Club
Homewood, IL
Chicago District 

Contact Sylvia    


“Tennis has made a positive impact in my life. I have made many good friends because of tennis. I like the positive aspect of playing competitive tennis which challenges me mentally and physically.  In addition, tennis is a fun game so I would like to see other people reap the benefits of playing tennis.”

Fra Angelica Farinas-Wright 
Tam Tennis & Fitness 
Niles, IL
Chicago District 

Contact Fra


“One might say that tennis is a game that involves a ball, a racquet, and a net. However, my love for tennis goes beyond that to include the camaraderie, strategy, and competition that is inherent in the game. The experiences I have had as a captain and the people I’ve met along the way help to shape my role as an Ambassador. It is my hope to inspire others to play USTA so they can experience all that the game of tennis has to offer.”


Read more about Fra here.

Mary McNamra
Hinsdale Racquet Club
Hinsdale, IL
Chicago District 

Contact Mary

Greg Franzo
Oak Brook Tennis Center
Oak Brook, IL
Chicago District 

Contact Greg


"The role of Tennis Ambassador is a natural fit for who I have evolved to be in the tennis community and 'my' club, the Oak Brook Tennis Center. I usually captain 4 to 5 teams a season (around 15 a year), and now am captaining adult teams in 4 age divisions (18&O; 40&O; 55&O; 65&O). I’m considered a fixture at the club, scouring the courts for recruits, talking up USTA League with the teaching pros, and often giving a pitch to drill groups and individual members about the excitement of competing in a format that includes the path to a National Championship! And, being the guy who will fill in any group at the last minute. I look forward to the role of Tennis Ambassador to advance the presence of USTA League in the club, and promote the concept with my many tennis buddies at clubs around metro Chicago."

Chris Sioufi
Chicagoland Area (Chicago Public Parks)
Chicago, IL
Chicago District 

Contact Chris


"Tennis provides a fun way to ensure a regular level of fitness in my life.  Tennis has taught me discipline.  And finally, tennis has given me a community of people with a common love of the sport."


Read more about Chris here.

Michael Wetzel
UIndy Tennis Center
Indianapolis, IN
Central Indiana District

Contact Michael


"I love tennis because of the competition, exercise and camaraderie. I try to encourage others to join in and share this great game. It's a sport where just two people are needed to play, but it's equally fun to have a group of players to regularly play with/against. I enjoy being the captain of teams and recruiting players for my team and meeting the players on other teams. I'm glad to have passed on my love of tennis to my son (age 37) and others. It's a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime. I am 70, and a player in one of my groups is 95."

Jennifer Reinbold
Pearson Automotive Tennis Club
Indianapolis, IN
Central Indiana District 

Contact Jennifer


“I have been involved in tennis for almost fifty years, and each year I become more passionate about sharing this sport with others. A comment Don Harris made at the last USTA Midwest meeting really resonates with me. Talking about tennis he said, 'No other sport is as valuable to the individual over the course of a lifetime.'"

Janet Hogan
Decatur Athletic Club
Decatur, IL
Mid-South Illinois District 

Contact Janet

Jen Watson
Dodds Tennis Center
Champaign, IL
Mid-South Illinois District 

Contact Jen

Valerie Dvorak
Greater Midland Tennis Center
Midland, MI
Northeastern Michigan District 

Contact Valerie 

Michelle Fox 
Towpath Tennis Club
Akron, OH
Northeastern Ohio District 

Contact Michelle


“I have come to enjoy tennis very much.  You might even say that I'm addicted to this healthy activity.  I want others to enjoy this sport like I do, and I know that tennis is a sport for everyone at any age.”


Read more about Michelle here.

Katie Finke
Five Star Tennis Center 
Plainfield, IL
Northern Illinois District 

Contact Katie


“Having moved around a lot, tennis and the USTA has always been a great way for me to make new and long-lasting friends. Tennis is truly a lifelong sport that I have been playing since I was 10 years old. I have been a part of the USTA across 4 states (GA, AL, NC and IL.) Tennis allows me to socialize, be competitive, stay fit and most of all have FUN all at the same time!! I LOVE that the game of tennis is one that I can also share with my husband and 4 kids. Honored to be a Tennis Ambassador and share my love of the sport and USTA with others!”


Read more about Katie here.

Christy Lee
Southbend Racquet Club & Knollwood Country Club
South Bend, IN
Northern Indiana District 


"After being on the first team ever in our tennis club to win a Midwest Championship and go to Nationals in the USTA women's league, I can say that tennis is not only a mental sport but a sport that you build life-long friendships. I have met so many amazing people through tennis especially some of my best friends to this day. Tennis is a mentally and physically challenging sport as well as a great social outlet. I am excited to share my love of tennis to every person I see especially beginners. I plan on having fun events to promote tennis and get new players at our club!"


Contact Christy

Rachel Stivani
Grand Traverse Resort & Traverse City YMCA
Traverse City, MI
Northern Michigan District 

Contact Rachel


“I took up tennis as an adult for what seemed like an interesting game and a great way to stay in shape.  I had no idea how much fun it would be.  The complexity of the game and the variety of players never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve met wonderful people along the way and one of the things I get most excited about is forming new groups of players and providing opportunities for growth.”

Tricia Naus
Perrysburg Tennis Center
Perrysburg, OH
Northwestern Ohio District 

Contact Tricia

Robina Grunden
Shadow Valley Tennis & Fitness Club
Maumee/Toledo, OH
Northwestern Ohio District 

Contact Robina

Olivia Assenmacher (Junior Ambassador)
Twos Athletic Club
Toledo, OH
Northwestern Ohio District 

Contact Olivia

Ted Morse
Twos Athletic Club
Toledo, OH
Northwestern Ohio District 

Contact Teddy


"I love promoting and providing tennis opportunities for both adults and youth from all back grounds. The greatest thrill I have as a high school tennis coach is seeing former players return and play on USTA leagues."

Jeff Renner
Toledo Area 
Toledo, OH
Northwestern Ohio District 

Contact Jeff


"Tennis is a fantastic sport.  You can find people to play with no matter your level of play.  Not only does tennis provide great physical activity, you make wonderful friends, and it gives you a place to belong.  Each season provides unique opportunities to play and connect with people."

Katie Sargent Contardi
The Club at Harper's Point 
Cincinnati, OH
Ohio Valley District 

Contact Katie

Sierra Nellessen
The Club at Harper's Point
Cincinnati, OH
Ohio Valley District 

Contact Sierra 


“I started tennis at age five and fell in love with the sport. I had so many amazing coaches along the way that made tennis so much fun and that inspired me to want to play my entire life. I want to be that same inspiration to my students. I want to show them, and everyone, that tennis is a great way to express yourself and that the court is a sanctuary where you can let all of your troubles go and just be completely yourself. Tennis builds character and has taught me some of my most important life lessons, and I want to provide that opportunity to others.”

Amy Cooper
Queen City Racquet Club
Cincinnati, OH
Ohio Valley District 

Contact Amy


“I feel very blessed to have found a sport I love in my adult life. I really enjoy the social, competitive, and active lifestyle.”

Lisa Ahrens
Queen City Racquet Club
Cincinnati, OH
Ohio Valley District 

Contact Lisa

Kusull Kim
Liberty Athletic Club
Ann Arbor, MI
Southeastern Michigan District 

Contact Kusull

Jennifer Sauld
Liberty Athletic Club
Ann Arbor, MI
Southeastern Michigan District 

Contact Jennifer

Heidi Rozman
Lake Country Racquet Club & Athletic Club
Hartland, WI
Wisconsin District 

Contact Heidi

Regina Jones
La Crosse County Area
La Crosse, WI
Wisconsin District 

Contact Regina

Robin Siehoff
Lake Geneva Tennis
Lake Geneva, WI
Wisconsin District 

Contact Robin


“I became a Tennis Ambassador for I can promote and engage people in a sport that I love, and I’m passionate about.”

Interested in becoming a Tennis Ambassador or learning more about the program? Contact Zoy Brown at