Continue to Grow

Josh Sellmeyer  |  April 26, 2021

Some USTA Missouri adult leagues begin in May and will continue their staggered start through the end of the month.


With sign-ups for those leagues in the rearview mirror, the next opportunity for adult players looking to advance their game in a fun and competitive environment comes later in the summer. A tri-level league — which is for 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 level players — will take place in the August to October timeline.


For the first time in a while within USTA Missouri, the outdoor tri-level league will feature an opportunity for women to get in on the action. 


“We thought tri-level would be a good opportunity to include our 4.5 players,” said Courtney Nesbitt, USTA Missouri junior and adult competition coordinator. “We have individual play for 3.5 and 4.0. But we don’t have any 4.5 leagues. ADVERTISEMENT So this would be a good way to incorporate some of our 4.5 players who are interested in getting involved.”


Nesbitt said the women’s tri-level option will likely take place in the Springfield area. Meanwhile, the men’s tri-level league choices will potentially take place in the Columbia/Jefferson City pocket as well as the Springfield/Joplin pocket.


Though registration for the tri-level leagues isn’t open quite yet, interested individuals can contact Nesbitt for additional information. Nesbitt noted the need for captains to emerge and create teams for these leagues. Players with interest or questions can reach out to Nesbitt via email at: Courtneytime2grow@outlook.com


Another opportunity for adult players comes in the form of mixed leagues. These will begin in the middle of summer, a bit earlier than the tri-level options. Nesbitt said there definitely will be a 7.0 mixed league in Columbia. She is hopeful an 8.0 mixed league in Springfield will also occur.


As with the tri-level leagues, there is a need for captains to head up mixed league squads. Registration isn’t open yet for the mixed leagues, but interested individuals can likewise go ahead and reach out to Nesbitt.


Nesbitt said registration for the adult leagues just underway or about to begin went well. These outdoor leagues all take place in either the Springfield or Columbia areas. Offerings range from 18 & Over;  40 & Over; 55 & Over to 65 & Over. Most take place on weeknights with a start time of 6:30 or 7:00 p.m., with no weeknight league beginning prior to 6:00 p.m.


Nesbitt said she would like to continue the growth of USTA Missouri adult leagues in the Springfield and Columbia pockets to aid in the reduction of travel for participants. Long-term, she hopes to expand the leagues in those two areas as well as cities like Branson and Joplin so players can then simply gather for a big district event.


“Leagues are a very fun thing for adults to do,” Nesbitt said. “It gives them something to work for and toward compared to just going out and playing tennis for fun. It’s an opportunity to put your skills to the test.”



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