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Differences Between

Rankings and Ratings

April 16, 2021

Interested in playing more adult tennis, but unsure about the differences between NTRP ratings and tournament rankings?


We’re providing this information to breakdown some major differences. Bottom line, ratings are your NTRP level assignment for participating in a USTA League or Sanctioned NTRP Tournament. Rankings are determined by points earned and your results at USTA sanctioned tournaments.




Used in: Adult Leagues

Reflects: Skill level determined by USTA Adult League matches

Updated: Year-end ratings are published in December and determines which level a player must play the following year.

Scale: NTRP ratings are divided into levels between 2.5 and 6.0




Used in: Adult Tournaments

Reflects: Points earned at Adult Tournaments; represented by a player’s standing within a given division

Updated: Standings are released on a weekly basis, however, final rankings are released in January and reflect a player’s final position in a given division.


Scale: Range of points possible varies on level of tournament (district, section, national) and player’s advancement through the main draw.


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