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USTA PNW LEAGUE SECTION CHAMPIONSHIPS ADULT 55 & OVER The top teams in each division are invited to attend with the chance to advance to Nationals.
The top teams in each division are invited to attend with the chance to advance to Nationals.

JUNE 24-27, 2021

Snohomish/King County (Everett, Edmonds, Bellevue)

Tournament Organizer (all inquiries leading up to Section Championships):

Adam Hutchinson, Director of Competition

(503) 718-3329


Tournament Director (questions during Section Championships):

Jill Borgida, Regional League Coordinator (Northwest Washington)

(425) 531-5595


WEATHER UPDATES - as of Tuesday, June 22 we are monitoring the weather forecasts for possible warmer than average temperatures this weekend. Shouild any changes to the schedule be made we will post them here. 



Team Registration: $250 + $7 non-refundable processing fee for $257 total. Deadline is May 2 (EXCEPT Eastern Washington with a deadline of June 2 for women and June 9 for men)


Players on Multiple Teams and Levels - Click here if you have a player on multiple teams and levels (i.e. a player playing 6.0 and 7.0). This is ONLY for players on multiple teams. Other schedule considerations will not be considered. If a player qualifies for multiple teams at the same level, they may only play on one team per level at Sectionals. 


Click here for the pdf schedule (includes indoor/outdoor designation)

Click here for the Stats, Standings, and Schedules on Tennis Link

Captain/Player Conference Call: Tuesday, June 22, at 7:00pm. 

  • All players welcome to join. Get details about the tournament, important reminders, and any/all of your questions answered.

  • Click here to listen to the recording of the Captain's Meeting


Match Play: Thursday, June 24 - Sunday, June 27, 2021






Hotels: Click here for Tournament Rates courtesy of Snohomish County Sports Commission


Procedures: Click here for procedures


Marble Fox is proud to partner with USTA PNW to bring you stylish tennis, golf and pickleball gifts. Click here and for a limited time, players can use the code: USTAPNW10 for a 10% discount.


T-Shirts: Due to severe budget cuts because of the COVID-19 pandemic, t-shirts will not be included with registration this year.


Photographer: USTA PNW staff may be taking photos at certain sites and times during the event. In lieu of the Publicity Waiver forms, we will have a media waiver release sign at each court site which states will state that, by entering the court site premises, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed by the non-profit United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest (USTA PNW) in connection with your participation in this event and that the USTA PNW will own any and all rights in such photography and film of you.


Tennis Balls: Penn is the official ball sponsor of USTA League. USTA PNW has agreed to invest funds to use Pro Penn Marathon balls for all Section Championships.


Bananas: USTA PNW will order bananas for each tournament site throughout the weekend


Ice: USTA PNW or host facility will supply ice to cool beverages or to keep small coolers chilled (please do not fill large coolers) 


Officials: Due to severe budget cuts because of the COVID-19 pandemic, USTA Certified Officials will not be available at Sectionals. Please use the following procedures for line call or other issues: If there are line call or other issues on court, please use USTA PNW Regulation 2.01C(2)d. One Line Assistant to represent each team may be called to the court at any time to assist players making line calls. If only one person is available, then one line assistant may be used. Line Assistants cannot make a line call or foot fault call. They can confirm or over-rule a line call when asked by a player. Line Assistants can confirm an egregious foot fault. Players are responsible for imposing any penalty, if they choose to do so. Line Assistants may not interpret any other rule of tennis and should stand quietly at both ends of the net. If two Line Assistants disagree on a call a let is played. You may also request assistance from the Tournament Desk if they are available.




Bring Water Container: Players and spectators must bring their own water container. Water will be available for refilling a container, but there may not be any bottles or cups available on site.


Keep Hydrated: Click here for information on the importance of hydration. 


Follow Host Site Rules: We are all guests of these facilities. Please pick up all trash and be respectful of management or staff. They also have their own rules in place as to what is acceptable at their facility so please obey any posted rules. 

Adult 55 & Over 2019 Section Champions

6.0 Men = Robinswood-Dodd (NWW)

6.0 Women = Columbia Basin-Burton (E WA)

7.0 Men = Columbia-Silver Lk-Garside (NWW)

7.0 Women = Eugene STC- Thompson/Hood (S OR)

8.0 Men = Harbor Sq-Coghlan (NWW)

8.0 Women = Nordstrom-Fiebig (NWW)

9.0 Men = Tualatin Hills-Wofford/Griffin (N OR)

9.0 Women = Stafford Hills-Mathews (N OR)


Event Photos

See 2019 Adult 55 & Over Section Championship photos HERE. Photos by B J Imagery


Sportsmanship Stories

See 2019 Adult 55 & Over Section Championship sportsmanship nominations HERE

Mention Sectionals on Social Media! #ustaleague

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