2023 Encore Loyalty Program Contest FAQ


The USTA Southern NTM Leaderboard Challenge is a one month long endeavor to engage and reward our players in the USTA Southern section.

Through National Tennis Month USTA Southern will run a “Leaderboard Challenge” whereby users are able to collect points via certain activities/actions they take called “Touchpoints”.

Each touchpoint carries a different point value, e.g., 500 points for registering in the USTA Southern NTM Leaderboard Challenge.

Participants continue to accrue points for actioning on the available touchpoints.

The Leaderboard helps to view each participant's points through the month-long challenge, hence helping build healthy competition.

The player who collects the most points will be the Top Fan and there will be 3 additional “Top Athlete” groups with rewards.


“Top Athlete” groups with rewards:

  • Top Athlete (1 person) – $250 Tennis Warehouse gift card
  • Top 25 Athletes - $50 Tennis Point gift card
  • Top 50 Athletes – $25 Zaxby’s gift card
  • Top 100 Athletes - $10 Chick-fil-a gift card


Adult players over the age of 18 from USTA Southern section can participate.

Participants will receive an invite via email. Once you join the USTA Southern NTM Leaderboard Challenge, you can “Refer a friend” to the Leaderboard Challenge and earn points when your referral signs up and joins the Leaderboard Challenge.

You will be emailed a link to the USTA Southern NTM Leaderboard Challenge. Follow the on screen prompts and have your USTA Account # handy, to get started.

The invite we emailed you has your USTA# included in the footer of the email.

Sorry. At this time the USTA Southern NTM Leaderboard Challenge is only open to Adult players 18 and over.

The NTM leaderboard challenge is open from May 1 - May 31, 2023. You can register at any time during this time period and participate in the USTA Southern NTM Leaderboard Challenge. However, the earlier the better, in terms of racing ahead on that leaderboard.

We review registrations every night, and points are updated within 24 hours.

To add your social media accounts simply press “connect” and you will get step by step instructions on what is needed to add your account.

To earn points for this touchpoint, click the “Refer a Friend” and then the the blue icon on the bottom right corner. This copies the “refer a friend” link to your clipboard.

Switch over to your messaging app/email and send out this link to your friend to invite them to join the program.

Points for referring a user are rewarded once that user has signed up. If the user is having any trouble signing up they can reach out to us via email - LeaderboardChallenge@usta.com

Once the user has signed up you will automatically be rewarded points.

Browser Bookmarks are your friend.

NTL Leaderboard challenge can be accessed from here.

Yes. We will not post your survey results publically or for any other users in the program to see.


Top Athlete (1 person) – $250 Tennis Warehouse gift card

Top 25 Athletes - $50 Tennis Point gift card

Top 50 Athlete - $25 Zaxby’s gift card

Top 100 Athletes - $10 Chick-fil-a gift card

Chrome - Desktop:

  • To create a desktop shortcut to a website using Google Chrome

  • go to a website and click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of your browser window

  • Then go to More tools > Create shortcut

  • Finally, name your shortcut and click Create.


Chrome - Mobile:

  • Open Google Chrome on your iPhone or Android and navigate to the web page you want to bookmark.

  • Tap the "Share" button on the right edge of the address bar.

  • Tap "Bookmark." A bookmark is automatically created and saved to your "Mobile bookmarks" folder.


Safari - Desktop:

  • In the Safari app on your Mac, go to the website you want to bookmark.

  • Click the Share button in the toolbar, then choose Add Bookmark.

  • Choose where to add the bookmark, and rename it if you like. Add this page to: Click the pop-up menu and choose a folder. The default is Favorites.

  • Click Add.


Safari - Mobile:

  • From a Home screen, tap the. Safari icon. . If an app isn't available on your Home screen, swipe left to access the App Library.

  • Navigate to the desired web page then tap the. More icon. (at the bottom).

  • Tap. Add Bookmark

  • Enter the info then tap. Save. (upper-right)

Click the Leaderboard in the top navigation menu to view the participants and current standings.

Glad you asked. Here you go!

Have more questions? email us at LeaderboardChallenge@usta.com