Our Parents' Guide For Tennis

Our Parents' Guide For Tennis

It’s All In the Family

We’re here to support everyone: and that means your child and you. Join our community where you’ll find information, insights and education to help raise not just great athletes, but great people. Check out some of our videos now, so you can get outside and play today.

Tennis Rules and Development

Get started with the basic rules and equipment of the sport. Then learn more about how the USTA’s American Development Model (ADM) applies long-term athletic development principles to guide parents and coaches as their players develop and enter competition, with a focus on activity and fun!

Health Benefits of Tennis

Grow, thrive and improve your tennis game from the inside out. Discover health and wellness benefits of tennis for all ages, expert tips for staying safe on the court and ways to help improve your game.

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Heat and weather events play key roles in the game of tennis. Learn best practices for adapting to both.

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Kids who play tennis are more likely to gain physical skills that can keep them active for a lifetime and less likely to take up drinking and smoking.

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Tennis players exhibit higher self-esteem and optimism than other athletes or non-athletes, among many other benefits to improving and maintaining mental health.

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From tips on the right racquet size to preventing a wrist injury, industry experts share tips on how to prevent injuries or recover from one.

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Healthy and balanced meals, stretching and cross-training all contribute to helping players be their best.

Resources to Download

Parent Support Guide

Parent Support Guide

USTA Junior Playbook

Guide Players Through Competition

Helpful Tips for evaluating Tennis Programs

Evaluating Tennis Programs

Learn about USTA Programs

Learn from the best, play against the best and even make new friends along the way with a range of junior programs for every age and skill level. And, check out even more fun with Net Generation, the USTA’s youth tennis community.

Net Generation PlayTracker

The new Net Generation PlayTracker helps parents navigate competition to help their child grow and succeed in tennis.