Net Generation PlayTracker

The Net Generation PlayTracker is for players aged 5-10 and their parents to track progress at USTA competitive events, all in one place. Using the American Development Model (ADM) framework, players and parents will learn more about the recommended development pathway and earn digital incentives along the way.

10U players and their parents can access their PlayTracker points within their account profile, underneath the Family tab. Here, you will see a player's current competition ball color, coach assigned skill level (if applicable) and total points at each competitive level. Players will collect points on an engaging PlayTracker after playing in USTA Team Challenges, USTA Junior Team Tennis, and USTA Junior Circuits.

Ball Color & Age Requirements


Players must be at least 5 years old to play in a USTA competitive programs and will graduate from the Net Generation PlayTracker at the age of 11, on the first day of their birthday month.

  • Players aged 5-7 years old are recommended to play in red ball programs.
  • Players aged 7-9 years old are recommended to play in orange ball programs.
  • Players aged 9-11 years old are recommended to play in green ball programs. 

Players 7 and 8 years old that reach 1,000 play points in orange ball are eligible for green ball. A coach assessment is also available for players 7 or 8 years old who have the skills to advance to green ball early.

All players in green ball will be required to meet 1500 points on the PlayTracker in order to play in yellow ball events. At least 1000 of these points must come from win points. At age 11 players will age out of the PlayTracker.

Eligible Play Opportunities


Players will receive points from red, orange and green ball USTA Team Challenges, USTA Junior Team Tennis, and USTA Junior Circuit programs.

  • USTA Team Challenge - Low pressure introduction to competition (1-2 hours).
  • USTA Junior Team Tennis - Season of local team-based match play (4-8 weeks).
  • USTA Junior Circuit - Series of non-elimination tournaments (2-4 hours).

PlayTracker Points

  • Coaches must check-in players to Team Challenges in order to earn play points.
  • Players are awarded 100 play points (starter points) in green ball after reaching 1000 play points in red and orange ball combined.
  • Players are capped at 500 play points in green ball.


  • Scores must be entered by the provider for the player to earn win points.
  • Players will receive win points for winning singles (100 points) and doubles (50 points) matches in green ball Junior Team Tennis and Junior Circuit events only. 
  • A default in a green ball competitive program will count as a win and that player will receive those win points.
  • Players are recommended to reach at least 1,000 points in red and 1,000 points in orange before progressing to green ball. They are then required to collect at least 1,500 points in green ball to advance to yellow ball competitive events. 
  • 1000 of the 1500 total points in green ball must come from win points.
  • Players can receive a maximum of 500 points (400 win points and 100 play points) at any particular event.


Coach Assessment for Players


Coaches are able to control whether their players can compete in green ball competition. Coaches can change a player's skill level from the Net Generation mobile app using the assessment tool. In order to use the assessment tool in the Net Generation mobile app coaches must be Safe Play approved and be USPTA or PTR approved in their coach profile


Once a player (player must send the connection request) and their primary coach are connected on the mobile app then the coach can send a progress report with an assessment and skill level change. Coaches must watch a training video on how to complete the assessment.  If a player aged 7 and over has been given Orange Level 1 or Green Level 2 or Green Level 1 by their coach it will be sent to USTA’s data platform and will convert the player’s competition level to green ball. Players aged 6 and under are not eligible to be given the green competition level.


To learn more on how to assess a player's skill level on the Net Generation mobile app click here.

Playing Outside of Home USTA Section


Players will have the ability to play out of their USTA Section and still earn Net Generation PlayTracker points. Additionally, should a player move sections, PlayTracker points will carry over to the new section. Players that move sections will need to update their address in their USTA profile  before playing in their new home section. Points and programs will be consistent throughout the country.

Accessing the PlayTracker

Players can view the competition level they are eligible to compete in on their Player Profile in the family tab. Parents can view their child's PlayTracker progress on the player profile in the family tab on

Parent Education Videos

All parents or guardians registering a player for the first time in a ball color are required to watch a 2-minute video on the skills required to play in a USTA competitive product at that ball color. There will be a separate video for red, orange, and green ball. These videos will also be accessible on the Net Generation mobile app and Player Profile.