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Junior Team Tennis

Frequently Asked Questions

USTA Missouri Valley
<h2>Junior Team Tennis</h2>
<h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>

Junior Team Tennis FAQs

What is USTA Junior Team Tennis? USTA Junior Team Tennis is the largest junior recreational tennis league in the USA with over 100,000 participants nation-wide. USTA Junior Team Tennis is often compared to Little League Baseball, as the program offers children the opportunity to develop their individual and team tennis skills in a fun, yet competitive  atmosphere.


How do I get on a team? Contact the USTA Missouri Valley Junior Team Tennis Manager, District Coordinator or the Tennis Service Representative (TSR) for your District, to find out if there is a league in your area.


What are the minimum requirements for starting a league?

  • USTA Junior Team Tennis should be included in league name.
  • Program must be registered in Tennislink
  • A minimum of two (2) teams in a league
    • Championship Leagues: minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls per team
    • Local Junior Team Tennis (not advancing to districts, sectionals, nationals): local format is flexible
    • A 3-8 week league season with one (1) practice and one (1) match per week is recommended



What are the age and ability levels?

8 & Under Division: Beginners, Intermediate

10 & Under Division: Beginners, Intermediate

12 & Under Division: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

14 & Under Division: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

18 & Under Division: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


How do I start a Junior Team Tennis league?

  • Find kids who want to participate in a fun and friendly summer tennis league.
  • Find a coach and some volunteers to organize your team
  • If you are not the league coordinator, we recommended locating your local or district Junior Team Tennis coordinator who can manage your league. Incentive Funding is available for coordinators who meet the required criteria.
  • Program manuals and rules & regulations are available for program coordinators and coaches.
  • The USTA Missouri Valley will provide assistance to coordinator and coaches.


Define characteristics of a Junior Team Tennis League:

  • Who: Decide what age is your target market. Will your teams be 14 & under, 18 & under or 10 and Under?
  • What: Are you going to run a traveling league or run it at one site? What is your format? (Recommended format is 1 boys-singles & 1 girls-singles, 1 boys doubles & 1 girls-doubles, and 1 mixed-doubles match.) 
  • The number of total games won determines the winner.
  • When: After school, weekends, two days a week, one day with practice and match, 3-8 weeks.
  • Where: Park, Indoor or Outdoor Club, School Courts, Gym Floor, Etc.
  • How: Who is going to coach your team(s) and run your practices? We recommend using many volunteers: Parents, Certified Pros, and High School or College players.
  • Cost: Each program sets their ‘local’ league fee. Participants need to be USTA members. 
  • Uniforms/Jerseys are an optional part of the Junior Team Tennis program and the price is TBD. 
  • The TennisLink fee is typically $3 (this fee may vary slightly).
  • What match format is used? Each local league may define their format. 
  • The National Junior Team Tennis Championship format is recommended and is used at all championships.
  • This includes one boys singles, one girls singles, one boys doubles, one girls doubles and one mixed doubles matches. 
  • Number of games won determines the winning team.
  • Set-up/Registration Process for Sign Ups: It is recommended to have an ‘Open House’, or ‘Town Hall Meeting’.
  • This will give you a chance to explain the program to parents and also solicit volunteers. At this time you should hand out information so that players can go on TennisLink and register themselves. 
  • Coaches and Program Coordinators may also register players. 
  • You must create a Schedule of Play. 
  • Schedules are created and posted on TennisLink.
  • After each match, you will record the results. Scores can be entered and viewed on TennisLink.

Advancement to Championships: 

  • Local league teams may advance to district championships. 
  • District champions in the 12 & Under Green, 14 & Under and 18 & Under divisions advance to the section championship. 
  • Section champions advance to the National Championships.
  • Players participating in USTA Junior Team Tennis leagues eligbile to advance beyond the local level must play in at least two local league matches that have been recorded in TennisLink.

Do I have to have all of my players registered on TennisLink prior to the championship summer team registration deadline? 

NO. However, a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls MUST be registered on TennisLink prior to the registration deadline. Also a player MUST be registered on their team prior to playing in their first match, whenever that may be. You can add players throughout the season.


How many players do you recommend per team?

Each team must have at least 6 players, but 8-10 are recommended. This allows some flexibility if players need to miss a match, yet the team is still small enough that the players get to play and feel like a valued member.


Who is in charge of recording match scores? 

The home team coach/captain, but the visiting team coach/captain should go on TennisLink to confirm that the correct scores have been entered.


When is the age cut-off date? 

A player must remain age eligible through Aug. 31st of the current Championship year for Junior Team Tennis leagues which are eligbile to advance to the national championships. 


What if I have one player who is advanced and the rest of the team is intermediate, what level do I play at? 

If that player is going to play on your team, the entire team must play up to the Advanced level.


If a player has played in previous years, do I have to re-enter their information every year when I register them? 

NO. Once a player is registered in TennisLink, the information is stored in the system. You will just need their Team USTA non-member account # or USTA # to register them.


How do I become more involved in Junior Team Tennis? We are always looking for volunteers to help with the coordination of Junior Team Tennis local leagues, as well as the Junior Team Tennis section championship. 


Please contact Tara Williams for more details:




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