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USTA Missouri Valley  |  May 12, 2017
<h2>Junior Tournaments</h2>
<h1>Find Your Ranking</h1>

The USTA Missouri Valley publishes a 12-month rolling combined Standing List every Wednesday.  When determining the overall point total, there are four main factors.

  1. The Date of the Tournament – Only the tournaments completed in the previous 12 months will be considered for the Standing List.  The start and finish date of the 12 months is a rolling date, meaning the date is rolled forward by one week to coordinate with the updating of the list.
  2. Points Earned in Singles Events – Only the 5 singles events with the highest amount of points will be included in the overall point total.  
  3. Points Earned in Doubles Events – Only 15% of the 5 doubles events with the highest amount of points will be included in the overall point total.
  4. Your top five points in singles and top five points in doubles are combined to determine your standing on the list


Other Considerations

  • Players must have completed one singles event and earned one (1) win in the age division of the Standing List time frame being calculated to be eligible for the list.
  • Points earned in older age divisions do count down to the younger age division, but are still subject to being one of the top 5 events.
  • Players are no longer eligible for a Standing List on the first day of the month that includes their birthday.


Finding your Ranking


Select the criteria to facilitate your search. USTA Missouri Valley publishes three list types:

  • Standing List – list that is updated weekly to display a player’s standing within the Missouri Valley
  • Bonus Points List – list of players that are in the top 60 at the time the list is run. Any wins over players on this list(at Futures, District Championships, and Level 5 events) will earn bonus points. The list is run once a month and will stand for the duration of the month regardless if the standing lists change 
  • Endorsement List – list of players who are endorsed by the Missouri Valley to compete at National Tournaments

Find a ranking here


**All corrections to player records need to be sent to the tournament director**

**For corrections to be included on a new list, players must submit the change before 8AM on Tuesday**


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