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USTA Missouri Valley

Youth Progression FAQ

USTA Missouri Valley
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<h1>Youth Progression FAQ</h1>


How many stars and/or trophies does a player need to advance to the next level? 

A player will need 20 stars and/or trophies to advance to the next level 


Where will a player find how many stars and trophies they have? 

A player may login to the “My Tennis Page” to see how they are progressing through the system. You will need to set up a username and password on for the USTA number, if you have not already done so, to access the “My Tennis Page”.


How often will the player page be updated? 

TennisLink will publish Youth Progression updates once per day. 


When a player reaches 20 stars and/or trophies how soon can they play at the next level? 

A player that has reached 20 stars and/or trophies may play a next level event once the “My Tennis Page” reflects the players new level. ADVERTISEMENT My Tennis Page” is updated once per day. 


What is the difference between a Section-Sanctioned Youth Progression event and an “other” event? 

A Section-Sanctioned Youth Progression event is an event that a player may earn stars and trophies towards their progression to the next ball color. “Other” events are an additional play opportunity for players, a player will not earn stars and trophies towards their progression. 


An orange level player tried to enter an entry level district 12 & Under yellow ball event and received an error message. 

The system will not allow a player to enter another ball color or age division for which they are not eligible 


Can a player played 12 & Under Green Junior Team Tennis and received credit? 

No, a player will have to play 10 & Under Orange or Green Junior Team Tennis to receive stars. 


When will I receive stars for playing in Junior Team Tennis? 

Stars for Junior Team Tennis are not added to a player record until after completion of the Junior Team Tennis Season as set by the coordinator. 


Can there be multiple trophies earned at one tournament? 

If there are multiple round robins and no play off, each round robin winner may earn trophies as the winner 


How many stars can an orange eligible player earn for progression play days? 

They may earn up to 2 stars (1 in March and 1 in September) 


How many stars can a green eligible player earn for progression play days? 

They may earn up to 1 star (1 in March or 1 in September) 


What is a Play Day? 

A great way to get kids into and interested into local match play tennis, they usually last 2-3 hours and allow kids to play multiple matches in a non-elimination setting all with the goal of enhancing skills and making friends in a fun social atmosphere. 

Play Days Feature: 

  • Low pressure non-elimination format 
  • Organized by level/ability or experience 
  • Modified serving for less experience players 
  • Rotate and play multiple opponents in short continuous matches 
  • Play formats can vary and include team play 
  • Can feature wheelchair or adaptive play 
  • Provides a fun atmosphere 

What is Junior Team Tennis? 

Brings kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams. It promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as individual self growth. It is a fun environment for kids in which they lean that succeeding is more about how they play the game – win or lose. 


Where do I find a list of Youth Progression tournaments? 

A list of tournaments in each district is here.


Where do I find the Youth Progression regulations? 

This PDF includes the rules and regulations.


Where do I register for a Youth Progression Tournament? 


Where do I register for Junior Team Tennis? 

Contact your District Junior Team Tennis Coordinator. 


Is my player ready for a Youth Progression Tournament? 

A few questions to ask yourself: 

  • Has your child participated in house match play or Play day and/or Junior Team Tennis? 
  • Can they serve overhand or underhand? 
  • Can they keep score? 
  • Are they ready for a more competitive environment? 
  • Can they interact with other children with reduced on-court supervision?    

If you can answer yes to most of these, it may be time for your child to test their skills in a Youth Progression Tournament.


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