January 1, 2017
The mission of Junior Team Tennis is to provide an outlet for your family to enjoy tennis in your community. We're doing our best to make it fun and easy to get in the game, listening intently to any questions you may have along the way.
What does it cost to sign up for Junior Team Tennis?
The costs to participate can vary by local market.
What is TennisLink and how do I use the site?
All players have access to TennisLink, the USTA’s online player registration system. TennisLink allows registered players to keep track of their records and stats, as well as scout their competition.
Can my child play tennis elsewhere – middle school, high school – and play Junior Team Tennis at the same time?
Kids love teams and Junior Team Tennis is a great complement to school tennis. We would encourage all middle and high school players to get on the court as often as they can! Please check with your USTA Section or District office to make sure you do not have a rule against playing organized tennis during your school’s season.
I can't get a hold of my coordinator and I really want to know more about Junior Team Tennis. Who can I talk to?
You may also reach out to our national office. Due to the high volume of emails received, we strongly urge you to try and contact your section coordinator again first to ensure the speediest correspondence.
My child is aging out of Junior Team Tennis and is getting set to go to college. Are there team tennis programs for young adults?
As they approach the age of 18 and are finishing high school, many JTT players are recruited by NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA programs to play tennis at the collegiate level.
If your child isn't interested in a rigorous varsity program, check out USTA Tennis On Campus. It's club tennis that's played at more than 600 accredited colleges and universities across the U.S., a more relaxed but competitive circuit that has its own National Championships.



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