Youth Progression

March 1, 2017
<p><span class="articletitle">Youth Progression </span></p>

For kids 7-10 years old to progress from orange ball to green ball. Kids earn 20 stars (for participation) and trophies (for winning) to progress to the next level.


How It Works

Designed to help players develop their fundamentals and get the most out of tennis, the youth progression system rewards kids for competing and inspires them to play more. The mission is to clear each level by collecting a combination of 20 virtual participation stars and/or trophies. USTA New England will have two levels of Orange (Orange Level 2 progressing to Orange Level 1) and one level of Green (Green Level 1).



Orange Level Credit

One 10U Orange Ball sanctioned tournament = 5 stars 

One 10U Team Tennis Season (Must play minimum 2 matches; Maximum 2 seasons per year)= 6 stars



Green Level Credit

One 12U Green Ball sanctioned tournament = 2 stars

One 12U/14U/18U Team Tennis Season (Must play minimum 2 matches; Maximum 2 seasons per year)= 3 stars


Effective September 1, 2016, if you are age 7 or older and new to USTA tournaments, you will start your tournament pathway in Orange Level 2 and follow the pathway progression. Players age 6 and under will only be able to play in 8U red ball tournaments and 10U & 12U divisions in USTA Junior Team Tennis. On the first day of a player’s 11th birthday month, he or she will automatically advance out of the Youth Progression Tracking System.

For other exemptions, click here.


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Play Opportunities

Clearing Levels


Fact Sheet




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