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USTA player development camps provide players with training and coaching from our USTA Coaching Staff and section coaches who have proven coaching success. These camps are offered to inspire, motivate and to assist players in reaching their highest level. Players with excellent work ethic, commitment, talent and attitude are encouraged to participate.


Selections for Early Development Camps and Team USA Sectional Training Camps are by invite only but players can register for them online and submit a video to be considered. Selection for Team NorCal Training is made once a year and only the highest UTR rated boys and girls are selected, any remaining spots are determined by a playoff tournament.


Early Development Camps (EDCs)
Early Development Camps (EDCs)

Early Development Camps (EDCs) are the next step to recruit and retain our most promising young athletes, ages 6 to 10. Successful EDCs located throughout the country will help grow the talent pool of junior players and create a new wave of world-class tennis professionals in the years to come.

EDCs have a limited number of participants and are invitation only, similar to Team USA Sectional Training Camps.


Our National Coaching Staff is continually evaluating and identifying the most promising young 10 and under players in the United States. We are looking for players with an excellent work ethic, commitment and attitude.


EDC Series Structure

The 2017 Early Development Camps will be made up of a progression of themes that prove to be beneficial should your child be selected. The same group of players attend all three camps providing a team environment! The camp themes for both camps are as follows:


Orange Ball EDC Green Ball EDC
The Expert Rallyer Defending The Court
The Net Dominator Taking Control Of The Point
The All Court Player Becoming An Offensive Player



EDC Series Selections

The EDCs are a three part series of orange and green ball camps and are designed to develop top level orange & green-ball players. Once a player gets selected, he/she needs to commit to attend ALL THREE EDCs in 2017. The camps will be held in September, October and November with a rain make-up weekend in December.


Registering for a camp does not guarantee that the player will get selected for the camp but will let us know that you are interested in participating.


Coaches who would like to recommend players for selection can fill out a Coach - Player Recommendation Form.


Criteria for selection include but are not limited to EDC Tournament participation, Coaches Commission recommendation, other Tournament/Junior Team Tennis results, and player video. Selections are based on a collaboration between National Player Development staff, sectional staff, as well as the NorCal Coaches Commission.


Players can submit a video to be considered for an EDC selection. The video can be submitted at the end of the Player Application Form.

EDC Series Selections

Players can improve their chances for selection by filling out a Player Application Form.

Sectional Training Camp Selections
Sectional Training Camp Selections

Selections are based on a collaboration between National Player Development staff, sectional staff, as well as the NorCal Coaches Commission. Criteria for selection include but are not limited to Coaches Commission recommendation, tournament results, rankings, ratings including UTR, and player video. Players selected in 2017 will also need to be born between 2004-2007.

**Players can submit a video to be considered for STC selection by March 10th for the first camp. Please upload a simple 3 minute video to YouTube - of all shots as well as some point play and send the YouTube link to Beth Workeneh for Coaches Commission review. In your email include the player’s name, birthdate, and the name of the camp you would like the player to be considered for.


November 10 - 12, 2017 Team USA Cross Sectional Camp Stanford

Team NorCal is a training program for the boys and girls with the highest Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) in the section. This NorCal program is designed to facilitate top level training, teamwork, competition, character development, sportsmanship and pride in the NorCal section.

The top 16 boys and 16 girls are automatically selected by their UTR for each camp for a total of 32 players. We will have four training events where the players come together to train and compete with and against each other. The events are scheduled around important tournaments to provide more match play opportunities.

The benefits of participating in a training session are:

  • Recognition from USTA NorCal as a member of the team
  • Be part of a competitive team environment
  • Chance to practice and train with other top level players
  • Exposure and opportunity to train with top coaches
  • Team NorCal gear
Mentoring is an important aspect of development and we encourage this within the Team NorCal Program.
Mentoring is an important aspect of development and we encourage this within the Team NorCal Program.

Positive Coaching Alliance

Mentoring is an important aspect of development and we encourage this within the Team NorCal Program.


Current and past partnerships such as Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg, Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker, Andy Murray and Amelie Mauresmo/Ivan Lendl, Marin Cilic and Goran Ivanisevic, and Kei Nishikori and Michael Chang show that players are looking for advice from more experienced players to help them improve their game.

We aim to provide guidance on and off court with guest speakers and mental workshops to not only foster better athletes but better people. With our new partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), we hope to do just that.

Team NorCal 2017 – Training Schedule (Invited Players Only)


Training #1 – Sunday, May 7th at UOP – Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center

Training #2 – Sunday, June 25th at Oakland Hills Tennis Club

Training #3 – Saturday, September 9th at UOP – Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center National Campus Visit – October 26th-29th in Orlando, FL – 8 players (4 boys/4 girls selected based on previous evaluations)

Training #4 – Saturday, November 11th at St. Mary’s College




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Beth Workeneh
Player Development Specialist
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Summer Verhoeven
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