USTA Southwest Adult

Grand Prix Series 

February 15, 2017
<p><span class="articletitle">USTA Southwest Adult</span></p>
<p><span class="articletitle">Grand Prix Series </span><br />

USTA Southwest Adult Grand Prix Series 




This year will be the second season of the Southwest Adult Grand Prix Championship series of tournaments.


This will include some of our top existing events, including our Adult Slam Series surface championships and several of our other top-performing events, and a couple of new events.


These high-profile tournaments are spread across the calendar, typically one per month, and every district in the Southwest is represented in this series, giving all tournament players in the Southwest a shot at qualifying for our year-end USTA Southwest Grand Prix Championships, an invitation-only event for the top 8 players who have participated and qualified in each age division.


Players that participate in the USTA Southwest Adult Grand Prix Series of tournaments will receive ranking points for the series to qualify for the year-end championships. 


Play more to increase your chances to qualify for the USTA Southwest Grand Prix Championships. 


The following tournaments will count toward qualifying:




Feb. 24 – 26   USTA Southwest Indoor Championships SLAM SERIES    Santa Fe, NM    Level I

March 2 - 5    Jason Morton Tournament    Sun Lakes, AZ    Level II

April 28-30    Arizona Open - Adult & Senior    Tucson, AZ    Level II

May 26 - 29    New Mexico Adult & Senior Open    Albuquerque, NM    Level II

May 30-June 4    USTA Southwest Grass Court Championships SLAM SERIES    Scottsdale, AZ    Level I

June 16 – 18    SNM Adult Open/Senior & NTRP    Las Cruces, NM    Level II

July 1 - 3    Cavern City Adult & Senior Open    Carlsbad, NM    Level II

July 13-16    Mile High Adult & Senior Open    Prescott, AZ    Level II

Aug. 8-13    $20K El Paso Adult & Senior Open    El Paso, TX    Level II

Sept. 8 - 10    Rattlesnake Adult/Senior Open  presented by Hampton Inn    Tucson, AZ    Level II

Sept. 21 - 24    USTA Southwest  Clay Court Championships SLAM SERIES    Tucson, AZ    Level I

Oct. 13-15    Phoenix Adult & Senior Open    Phoenix, AZ    Level II

Nov. 15-19    USTA Southwest Adult Open SLAM SERIES    TBA    Level I

TBA    USTA Southwest Grand Prix Series Championships (invitation only)    TBA



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