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Stars & Trophies

10U Pathway

May 18, 2017
<h2>Stars &amp; Trophies</h2>
<h1>10U Pathway<br />

What Is The Stars & Trophies 10U Youth Progression Pathway?

Designed to help players develop their fundamentals and get the most out of tennis, the Stars & Trophies 10U Youth Progression Pathway rewards kids ages 7-10 years of age for competing and inspires them to play more often.

For 2018 Stars & Trophies information, click here.  

The mission is to clear each level by collecting a combination of 20 virtual participation Stars and/or achievement Trophies. Players are able to collect Stars and Trophies through Play Days, Stars & Trophies 10U Orange and Green Ball Tournaments and 10U Junior Team Tennis.

For more information about the 2018 Stars & Trophies 10 U Pathway, click here.
For Youth Progression FAQs, click here

Why Youth Progression?
In an effort to provide a skill-based pathway for junior players to start and progress through the USTA Tournament system, the Stars & Trophies 10U Pathway is being formed. It is important for our beginning young players for the following reasons: 

  • Defined pathway
  • Level-based play
  • Goal-setting
  • Incentive to keep playing
  • Skill development
  • Recognition
  • Affiliation
  • Connection

How Do I Enter The Stars & Trophies 10U Pathway?
ALL players, ages 7-10, will start with zero Stars and Trophies and can track their progress on their USTA Player Profile Page. You do not have to be a USTA Member to sign up for an account. Note: You must be at least 7 years of age to play in these events.

1) To sign up for your FREE Player Profile Page, click here.  Once you arrive at the page, if you are a USTA member, then hit the left option. If you are not a USTA member, you have the option to become a member* and create an account or just create an account in TennisLink by clicking one of the options on the right. In order to receive status updates and aging-up notification e-mails, please make sure to enter an e-mail address. 

NOTE: All kids 10 and under who have never been USTA members can sign up for a FREE 1-year membership. Included in your membership are subscriptions to Northern Exposure and Bounce Magazines, free membership in the USTA Northern Birthday Club and much more. Visit to become a member. Register for a junior membership and enter in promo code FYF17CNS when checking out. Valid until December 31, 2017.

Already have a membership and need to renew?
Kids who took advantage of the free 10U membership can now get a second year for only $10. Visit or call (800) 990-8782 and use source code 10NORTH17.

2) Now you are ready to play events. To find an event, visit TennisLink by clicking here. You must start with only orange ball events unless you have played officially sanctioned green or yellow ball tournaments prior to December 31, 2016. If you have played either green or yellow, you may register for green ball events.

When Can I Move To The Next Level?
The more your child plays, and the more they improve their skills, the more Stars and Trophies they accumulate. A player will need 20 Stars and Trophies to advance to the next level. Stars and Trophies can be collected in the following ways.


10U Orange

10U Green


Play Days

1 Star

1 Star

Youth Progression Tournaments

2 Stars

2 Stars

10U Junior Team Tennis

3 Stars/Season(Max 2 Seasons)

3 Stars/Season(Max 2 Seasons)


Progression Tournament Winner

2 Trophies

2 Trophies

Progression Tournament Finalist

1 Trophy

1 Trophy


Also, on the first day of their 11th birthday month, players automatically progress out of the Stars & Trophies 10U Pathway and into 12-and-Under Tournaments.

How Does Team Tennis (JTT or WTT) Fit Into The Stars & Trophies Pathway?
Your child can earn Stars for playing 10U Team Tennis. If your child plays in at least two (2) team matches during the season, he or she will earn five (3) Stars at the end of the season. Your child is allowed to earn Stars for only two (2) team tennis seasons of play. Note: 10U Team Tennis is orange ball. If your child has progressed to the green ball level, they may play 12U WTT and receive Stars at the green level in the 10U Pathway.

How Do I See How Many Stars & Trophies My Child Has?
A player may login to and “My Tennis Page” to see how they are progressing through the system. If you have a discrepancy with the numbers showing on My Tennis Page, please contact Tricia Moorhead in the USTA Northern office at

Further questions? Please contact Tricia Moorhead at or Pat Colbert at



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