What are Junior Shadow Rankings?

To help facilitate the transition to 7 levels of ranked tournaments, the USTA will be importing results from existing 2020 tournaments that count for National and Section ranking points and converting them to the new ranking point table. 


For example, a 2020 District or State Level 3 tournament could be assigned as a National Level 5 tournament for 2021. Each Section will be advising the USTA National Office as to the level assignments of their tournaments. 2020 National Level 1-3s will remain the same level in 2021. Starting in 2021, the 2020 tournament results will remain on a player’s record with the point values from the new tables until they roll off after 12 months. 


In order to inform players about the transition and provide a set of data to be reviewed by the USTA before official implementation in 2021, the USTA will be calculating “Shadow Rankings.” Shadow Rankings will be an unofficial National Standings List (NSL) based on 2020 results using the new 2021 ranking tables. Unlike an official NSL, Shadow Rankings will only include 2020 results and therefore will not include a full 12 months of play, only the results to date this year, and they will not be used for any official purpose in 2020. Shadow Rankings will be published regularly during the 3rd quarter of 2020 and are intended for use by players and coaches to better understand how tournament schedules and results will be reflected in the new system. 


Prior to publication, Shadow Rankings will be examined and the USTA will consider making adjustments to the 2021 ranking point tables. If any adjustments are determined to be necessary, revised point tables will be published with the Shadow Rankings during the 4th quarter of 2020. 


On January 1, 2021, the first official NSLs of the year will be published with a full 12 months of results calculated based on the 2021 point tables. On or about this time, the first Section Quota Lists will be published, and will continue to be published monthly, giving players information on how their results affect their positions on these lists. 


We encourage you to visit our website here to view more specifics about the 2021 USTA Junior Tournament Changes and the Shadow Rankings with point tables.