September 21, 2020
Junior Tennis




Find information on your most frequently asked questions about junior team tennis programs and Youth Progression in USTA's Mid-Atlantic Region. 








Does my child have to be a USTA member to participate in youth progression events?

Some sections offer entry-level tournaments and Junior Team Tennis programs that do not require membership. However, players will need a USTA account number in order to be tracked (i.e., to accumulate stars and trophies – see below for more information). A free account can be set up by visiting When you’re ready to get a paid membership, this number can be upgraded so you can keep your current progression profile and status. 




What are the stars and trophies you receive as part of USTA Youth Progression? And how does a player earn them?

A child can advance to another level (i.e., from orange to green or green to yellow) by earning the required amount of virtual participation stars and trophies. Players have to collect a combination of 20 stars and/or trophies to advance to the next level. Players collect stars for tournament participation and Junior Team Tennis. In addition to the stars earned for participation, players collect trophies for winning a tournament and reaching the final of a tournament. Players may also earn stars for participation in Early Development Camps (EDCs).



What if we are visiting another USTA section. Can my child get credit in our section for playing in a USTA Southern tournament?

Players can receive participation stars for playing outside their home section, provided the event is in the same ball color or level as the player regularly participates in. Stars and Trophies earned will follow the criteria set by the home section. Players will not be eligible for bonus trophies when playing outside of their home section.



What is a Youth Progression Tournament?

Events that appear in TennisLink Orange Level 1 or Green Level 1 are called youth progression tagged events. Players can collect progression stars and trophies for participating in these events.  To search for a youth progression event, enter Orange Level 1 or Green Level 1 in the Category drop-down menu.  



Which events count toward Youth Progression?

Players can receive participation Stars by playing in the following events:

 Youth Progression Tagged Tournaments  (Orange Level 1 or Green Level 1) – 2 stars per tournament 

· Junior Team Tennis- 3 stars per season completed

· Youth Progression at Home Programs

· EDCs-  3 stars per camp

Players collect “bonus Trophies” in singles for achievement by either:

· Winning a Youth Progression tournament (2 bonus trophies) 

· Reaching the final of a Youth Progression tournament (1 bonus trophy)  

My child played in a doubles tournament but never received any stars?

Players only receive credit for playing singles. Playing doubles tournaments is fantastic for player development and is highly recommended, though it does not count towards progression.



My child played in a tournament and did not receive any stars?


· Stars and trophies typically appear within 24 hours of the completion of the tournament.  

· If a player does not complete a match (default, retirement, etc.), he/she will not receive any credit.

· If the tournament was not a progression tagged tournament (Orange Level 1 or Green Level 1), players will not receive progression credit.

· Stars/trophies will appear on a player’s record within 24 hours after any adjustment is made  



My child played one match for his/her junior tennis team but never received any participation stars?

Players must play a minimum of two matches for their team in order to receive any participation stars.



My child played on more than one junior tennis team in a season but only received credit for one team?

Players will only receive participation stars for one team per season and a maximum of two seasons per year.



How come, my child, who is an Orange Level 1 player, was allowed to register for a 10U green Junior Team tennis league?

Players can play in either 10U orange ball or 10U green ball leagues and receive participation stars at their current level.



My child is 6 years old or younger. Why can’t he/she play orange ball events?

The red ball is the recommended place to start on the pathway at ages 6 and under. The minimum age to start playing an Orange Ball Progression Tournament is 7 years old. Players 6 and under are encouraged to participate in Play Days, Junior Team Tennis and Junior Tournaments using the red ball. The focus should be on fun, team play, skill development and learning the game.



Is it true that my child can’t start playing yellow ball until 11 or older?

Players can start playing 12U yellow ball events as soon as they have fulfilled the orange and green pathway requirements or once they turn 11 years old. . A player could possibly play yellow ball in the 12U divisions as young as age 7 if they advance through the pathway extremely quickly and fulfill the requirements to advance.



If a kid has qualified for Green Level 1 but they play an Orange Level 1 tournament will they earn Stars and/or Trophies?

No. If an Orange Level 1 player qualifies for (levels up to) Green Level 1 they are not forced to move up. They can choose to stay at Orange Level 1 for as long as they’d like, but, after they reach 20 total Star/Trophies at any level they will not continue to earn awards (20 is the maximum).



 Is there someone I can contact if stars and trophies were not awarded?

Yes, please contact Warren Waterman, Manager, Youth Play, at



What is the 10U Blast Tour?

All 10U Green Level 1 kids are invited and encouraged to participate in the new USTA MAS 10U BLAST Tour. Participants will make new friends and play lots of tennis. The exciting tour consists of six premier Green L1 tournaments held in conjunction with major professional tennis tournaments around the world. Learn more about the BLAST tour!






I understand changes are coming in 2021?

At USTA Mid-Atlantic, we are excited about the simplified nationwide structure for junior competitive events which will take place in January 2021. These changes help create a standardized system with greater consistency for players, parents, coaches, officials, and tournament directors. 


In 2020,  USTA Mid-Atlantic proactively implemented changes this year, to help everyone involved in youth competition be best prepared when the new structure is in place.  The current regulations are available here: 2020 USTA MAS Junior Tournament Regulations.


What are the levels of Junior Tournaments?

In the USTA Mid-Atlantic section, we offer events for Intermediate and Advanced players. The tournament levels are aligned to the national levels 1-7 which are part of the 2021 National Unification.

How are weekly Standings calculated?

For the purpose of standings, it is only the best 6 singles events and 15% of the best 6 doubles that are calculated. So when you look at your player’s record and you see that points are not being counted it is because there are other events with higher points that are being calculated in the top 6 results. It is also important to understand that tournaments only stay on a players record for 12 months, so there may be an occasion when a ranking changes because points “Fall off”; If points fall off the system will automatically recalculate the best 6 results that remain on a players record.


How do the standings work if a player plays multiple different age divisions?

To see how your ranking is impacted by playing multiple age divisions CLICK HERE.


How do I find my ranking?

To see how your ranking is determined and what your current section ranking is, CLICK HERE


If missing school/work is a primary concern, why do Championships still include Monday play?

Championships will play out with a main draw and consolation matches taking place on Mondays.  With a reduced tournament schedule, and in consideration of the travel expense associated with a Championship, it is important to maximize matches at each championship events.  


We have carefully balanced the needs of all players across the section, as well as the National Calendar.  Although Championships will play out including Monday play,  we have streamlined the calendar and scheduled two of the "Super Six" singles championships over holiday weekends (Martin Luther King Day & Labor Day), and the June Sectional Championship is after most schools have released for the summer. 


What is Junior Team Tennis?

Junior Team Tennis brings kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams. It promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as individual self-growth. It is a fun environment for kids in which they learn that succeeding is more about how they play the game – win or lose. 


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