Junior Team Tennis Player & Captain Information

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When Are The Matches?

  • Spring/Fall/Winter: Matches are on weekends when courts are available.
  • Summer: Matches are on weekdays during the summer at local outdoor courts. Match schedules depend on the court availability.

How Can a Player Get Involved?

  • Players should talk to their friends from their tennis team, school or local facility about forming a team. Teams are co-ed and only need to have 4 players in order to participate. Players then need to ask a parent or coach to help out by being the Team Captain. The Team Captain will complete the Team Entry form and get the process started with the WMTA district office.

How Can I Find Out More Information About How to Sign Up?

How Does a Player Register For a Team?

  • If players do not have a TennisLink account, they must first complete these instructions (CLICK HERE).  *If players are under 14 years old, please skip this step and go to the next step!
  • If players are under 14 years old, the USTA now requires the parents to create a free TennisLink account for themselves and the player. ADVERTISEMENT This is only for players under 14 years old who do NOT already have a USTA number or TennisLink account. TennisLink accounts can be created by following these steps (CLICK HERE).
  • Once a player has created a TennisLink account, or if they already have one, players can register for the team by following these instructions (CLICK HERE).




Please contact Sydney Whitfield at sydney@midwest.usta.com if you have any questions. You must be set up by her before you can be connected to a team.


Junior Team Tennis Team Captains play a vital role that allows teams to be successful and have fun! The United States Tennis Association is committed to making every tennis experience an enjoyable and memorable one. To ensure a safe and fun environment for all participants, the USTA has developed "Safe Play." Safe Play embodies the USTA’s commitment to respect and safety for every individual participating in a USTA event or program through the use of screening, education and reporting tools.


The USTA expects individuals to adhere to Safe Play policies and standards, as well as all other USTA policies, procedures, and practices and applicable external laws and regulations. Safe Play consists of the following five requirements and standards:

  1. Conduct, Policies & Guidelines
  2. USTA Background Screening
  3. Education & Training
  4. Reporting Misconduct, Maltreatment or Violations of Safe Play
  5.  Grassroots Engagement & Communication



  1. Recruit players and send them information about the program and session. Please feel free to direct them to the Junior Team Tennis page here for all session information.
  2. Register team online via the appropriate session Team Entry Form. Please see session information here for registration details based on area and program. A team number will be sent to you via email once your registration is complete.
  3. Complete the required Safe Play Training and Criminal Background check via Net Generation. The refresher course must be completed every year in order to be a Team Captain. Captains will not be able to enter scores or see any team information on TennisLink until all steps of Safe Play are completed. All Team Captains must complete the USTA's Safe Play Process for Junior Team Tennis. This process includes a background check and online safety course and must be completed by all Team Captains. CLICK HERE to view the required steps. Once you receive the email from NCSI stating your background check is clear, please email Sydney at sydney@midwest.usta.com and you will be connected with your team. Until this is done, you will not be able to access your team information or enter scores.
  4. Distribute team number and sign-up instructions to players. Sign-up instructions are located at the top of this page and are based on age. 
  5. Familiarize yourself with Junior Team Tennis Guidelines (rules) so that you are prepared to support your players and parents throughout the season. Guidelines can be found here. Training will be offered to new and returning captains before each season.
  6. The schedules for each session will be sent to Team Captains. Please distribute the schedule to your players and parents once you receive the schedule from WMTA.



Team Captains have pre-match and match day responsibilities for their team. The following is a checklist of important steps that Team Captains must take, as well as appropriate corresponding paperwork.


Pre-Match Responsibilities:

  • By Wednesday before each match, confirm player availability. Once you confirm that the minimum requirement of three players are available for the match, contact the opposing captain to confirm the match and minimum player requirement
  • If you are unable to attend a match, assign an acting captain and distribute contact information to players and the opposing captain
  • Set line up and have prepared for match.
  • Lineup/scorecard based on age division, as well as instructions on how to set a line up are below.



How to Set a Lineup:

Match Day Responsibilities:

  • Bring one can of balls (for yellow ball teams only). We suggest you rotate this responsibility with players on your team.
    • Please note: Matches at DeWitt Tennis Center use balls provided by the facility. Green ball and orange ball teams also use balls provided by the home facility.
  • Exchange line-up with opposing captain 10 minutes prior to the start of the match.
  • Keep time for matches and warn players when they have 5 minutes remaining.
  • Record scores post-match.
  • Serve as an on-site resource for players and parent.
  • Enter scores into TennisLink within 24 hours of match completion.
    • Please note that Team Captain's cannot enter scores or see team information until all Safe Play requirements (training video and background check) have been completed.


How to Enter Scores on TennisLink


Questions? Please contact Sydney at sydney@midwest.usta.com.


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