Whether your child is picking up a tennis racquet in elementary school for the first time or looking to continue their passion for the sport while earning college credits, there are plenty of play opportunities.


From elementary to high school, tennis can be played at any age and is open to all levels of play. Students can ask their teachers how they can start playing in their PE class, and if there are after-school programs they can join.


PE classes offer the perfect setup for introducing tennis in schools – through supported curriculum, ability appropriate equipment, and enthusiastic teachers, tennis is introduced  in a familiar setting where children are surrounded by friends and peers of a similar age. This can then be extended further through after-school tennis clubs and creating an extracurricular program that is open to all students.



Outside of the classroom, there are additional play opportunities for elementary- high school-aged children, including USTA Team Challenge, Team Tournaments, and Junior Team Tennis, which offers both a competitive and non-competitive track depending on the ability and needs of the individual player.


You can also encourage schools to develop relationships with local school partners such as Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) and National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) networks to grow exposure and opportunities to play tennis outside of the school day.


Interested in getting your child into tennis after school? Check to see all current tennis class opportunities in your area here


If you are a PE teacher or a Team Coach and want to get involved with coaching tennis in schools and help shape the next generation of student-athletes? Learn more here. And remember, tennis players are good students and community citizens.


Benefits of tennis in schools


  • Get better grades – 48 percent have an “A” average
  • Have college aspirations – 81 percent say they will attend college
  • Are better behaved – 73 percent have never been sent to the principal’s office
  • Are more well-rounded – 82 percent volunteer in their communities


Do you want tennis to be part of the curriculum at your school and to be part of your kids' PE classes?


Then rally to get tennis in your school. Tennis is an ideal sport for your child that will allow them to stay healthy and fit. 


The USTA provides resources and support for physical education and extracurricular programs. Contact your local staff representative to get started.


Best of all, tennis doesn’t have to stop after high school. Students can continue playing into college with varsity-level tennis or with Tennis On Campus intramural play. Learn More


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