Ages 10 and Under
With racquets, balls and courts sized to fit their needs and abilities, kids will feel successful right from the start. Research shows that when it comes to sports, kids just want to have fun.  With 10 and Under Tennis, kids have more fun right from the start -- and that keeps them coming back for more!
10 and Under

Match your child up with the right size racquet, court, and ball type for age and skill level.

Kids need a tennis ball that is sized and paced to age and ability. Low-compression balls are designed to bounce lower and move slower through the air, giving kids more time to get ready for the next shot and allowing them to strike the ball at a comfortable height. Each age group uses a tennis ball better suited to its size and unique playing ability to help build confidence and develop an enjoyment of the game.
Court Sizes
Children 8 and under play on a court that is 36 feet long and 18 feet wide. The net is 18 feet long and 2-foot-9 feet high. A regulation net (3 feet at the center) is used on the 60-foot court for kids ages 9-10. With equipment sized right, it's easier than ever for kids to play anywhere -- no court required! Portable nets are available from many manufacturers, and temporary nets can be constructed using tape or caution tape tied to existing nets, fences or even chairs! Kids can set up play areas at home in the driveway, at the local park or gym.
Scoring is modified to allow for shorter matches and more play and participation experiences for your child. This lets kids play more often and have more fun. 10 and Under Tennis allows them to stay active and engaged as they develop and mature.