From schools, to parks, to tennis clubs, there are many types of programs that offer children’s tennis in your community. USTA and USTA Texas programs introduce tennis to children that best suits their age, physical size, and ability.
School Programs
USTA Texas promotes Tennis in Schools and can provide resources to support your school’s health and wellness goals and athletic programs. No courts are required and schools can effectively offer PE with tennis, sized right for age and ability.
Texas Community Tennis
USTA Texas is excited to pair up with USTA’s youth brand, Net Generation, to expand and enhance the various play opportunities available to kids across our great state, including our out-of-school programs.


In an effort to improve the customer experience, we are excited to announce the Texas Community Tennis Program is undergoing some changes. Check back in a couple of weeks to see what all the racquet is about!

Team Programs
Team based programming is a great way for kids to get involved in low pressure rally and match play environments surrounded by the support of their friends, coaches, and parents. USTA has various team based programming for those just beginning to rally to the avid competitor.
National Junior Tennis and Learning
USTA National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) is a community-driven delivery system that develops the character of kids through tennis and education and reaches out to those who may not otherwise that the opportunity to learn and play tennis.
USTA Texas has various camps throughout the state that participate in our week-long scholarship program, which is available to all Texas section members, ages 18 and under, who will not be entering college that upcoming fall semester. Scholarship winners will be matched with a camp.
With the appropriate materials and equipment, anyone can play tennis! Individuals of all ages, conditions, and abilities are welcome to participate in the Adaptive and Wheelchair tennis programs offered by USTA Texas.