USTA Eastern

Camp Pathway

USTA Eastern players attend a sectional camp at West Point.

The USTA camp pathway offers the next generation of young players additional player development training opportunities within the Eastern section. The pathway includes Early Development Camps (ages 7-10), Team Eastern Camps (ages 11-13) and USTA Regional Camps (ages 11-13).


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Early Development Camps


Early Development Camps (EDCs) are the beginning of the Team USA Player Development Camp Pathway designed to provide additional tennis opportunities for young tennis players ages 7-10. The camps emphasize fundamentals and overall athletic development in a fun, educational environment. Players selected for these camps have already participated in Orange and Green Ball tournaments and Junior Team Tennis (JTT).


Orange Ball Camps 


Participants attend two of of four Orange Ball curriculums: The Expert Rallyer, The Net Dominator, The All-Court Player and The Server Slammer/Return Ripper. 



Green Ball Camps


Early Development Green Ball Camps are the next progression stage on the TEAM USA Pathway. These camps emphasize fundamentals and overall athletic development. They also help athletes prepare to play on a 78-foot court by covering tactical and game development awareness. Athletes selected will have progressed from Orange Ball to Green Ball tournaments and JTT.


There are five different Green Ball curriculums: Becoming an Offensive Player, Defending the Court, Taking Control of the Point, Serious Server/Ridiculous Returner and Dynamic Doubles. Each includes a parent presentation and mental skills unit. 


Orange Ball and Green Ball Camp Dates:


  • March 25-26, 2023
  • June 10-11, 2023
  • September 23-24, 2023
  • December 16-17, 2023


Team Eastern Sectional Camps


Team Eastern Sectional Camps are held twice a year. These two-day camps for 18-20 players have clear, established objectives that are aligned with those of regional and national camps. Section staff and the Eastern Coaches Commission work together to select the players invited to these camps.


Players are selected based on a combination of factors including USTA National rankings, ITF World Tennis Number data, as well as recommendations from section coaches to the Eastern Coaches Commission. USTA Eastern's goal in bringing these players together is to help build a large base of athletes who possess the following attributes:


  • Mental Skills: “Compete Like a Champion” – 7 Core Values
  • Technical Development: Continental Grip Skills, Efficient Movement Patterns and Strokes within the Parameters
  • Tactical Skills: Ball Recognition, Proactive Planning, Transition and Problem Solving
  • Athletic Development: Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Strength and Mobility


Camp Testimonials 


“He had a fantastic experience and truly confirmed his passion for the game. He learned so much about the game from all the coaches, including some of the intangibles...respect, work ethic, resilience, but more importantly, remembering to always have fun!” – Parent of EDC Camp Participant


Team Eastern Sectional Camp Dates:


  • June 2023 (Dates to be confirmed soon)
  • October 2023 (Dates to be confirmed soon)


USTA Regional Camps


These three-day camps for 6-8 players have athletic development, mental skills components, parent information sessions and coach collaboration. USTA Regional camps are multi-sectional camps that take place at different sections. Player ID and Development works closely with USTA National Coaches to select players for each regional camp. Each player’s primary coach is invited to attend the camp with their player and is offered a stipend to do so. Each primary coach, parent and player receives feedback based on the objectives of the camp to help their technical development.


Player Resources


Links below can help you on your developmental journey as an athlete:



For more information contact Gustavo Loza at loza@eastern.usta.com.


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