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Junior Tournament

Rules and Regulations

February 16, 2017
<p><span class="articletitle">Junior Tournament </span></p>
<p><span class="articlesubtitle">Rules and Regulations</span></p>

Click here for a printable PDF of Eastern Rules and Regulations. 

Click here for information about the Point Penalty/Code of Conduct Suspension System. 




1. The Concurrent Tournament Rule:

No player may register for more than one Eastern “ranked”/sanctioned tournament where the scheduled dates overlap, unless the officially announced tournament starting dates are at least three days apart. The player must be age eligible for both divisions.  Note: First time offenders will be given courtesy of a warning, but only if they are a first time violator. The courtesy will allow them play in one of the two tournaments however they may be subject to suspension points. Allowable exceptions below:

  • Entering a tournament scheduled over successive weekends and another tournament through the intervening week.
  • Entering a Super Six and concurrent L1/L1A; however once selection for the Super Six has been posted, the player must give notice of withdrawal to one of the tournaments within the following 24 hours. ADVERTISEMENT  Failure to do so will result in the assessment of suspension points. A player who does enter properly under this exception, but fails to withdraw from either event in a timely manner will still be subject to suspension points for late withdrawals or concurrent tournament violations.

Additionally, no junior player may play in two age divisions in the same tournament unless one of the age divisions is singles and one is doubles.  The player must be age eligible for both divisions.


2. The Lateness Rule:

The Point Penalty System is in place for lateness and is to be enforced at all USTA Eastern sanctioned tournaments. The lateness clock begins when the match is called to go out on court, as oppose to the scheduled match time. The PPS is as follows:

  • 5 minutes or less late = 1 Game + loss of toss
  • 5:01 - 10 minutes = 2 Games + loss of toss
  • 10:01 - 15 minutes = 3 Games + loss of toss
  • More than 15 minutes = Default

 While the loss of game formula must stay in place for lateness by the tournament director, at his/her discretion may hold the default up to 45 minutes for extenuating circumstances. According to USTA regulations, an extension is never allowed beyond 45 minutes.


3. The Overrule Rule:

Once a player has been overruled twice in the same match they are “in the code.” The 3rd overrule, a point penalty is assessed (a point is awarded to the opponent) in addition to the assessment of a COC/Suspension penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. On the 4th overrule, the player loses a game; after the 5th overrule, the player is defaulted.


4. Coaching:

During individual competition, either verbally or by signals of any kind, is prohibited except during an authorized intermission (the 90-second odd game changeover is not an authorized intermission). Authorized intermissions include the 10 minute mandatory set break between the 2nd and 3rd set when a best two of three set match format is being used. The 2 minute set break between a 2nd set and a 10 point match tiebreak is not an authorized intermission during which coaching is allowed. (The same rules apply to team competition unless they have been modified in advance by an agreement between the teams.) Violation of this regulation renders the player and coach or advisor liable to disciplinary action, which may include disqualification of the player and/or removal of the coach or advisor from the premises.


Tournament Regulations


How many matches may be played in one day?

  • The number of matches that may be played in one day is dependent on the age division and match formats being used, please see this table to determine how many matches may be played in one day.


Rest Periods & the Recovery Rule


Rest Periods are dependent on the match formats being used, as well as match duration (Recovery Rule).  If two different match formats are being used, the rest period is determined by the format of the 1st match scheduled.  If a singles match lasts longer than 120 minutes or 2 hours, the Recovery Rule applies.  Please below to determine how much rest time a player is entitled to:


Best of 3 or 5 tiebreak sets - 60 Minutes

Tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set - 60 Minutes

Pro-Sets or Short Sets (L2O/R’s) - 30 Minutes

Doubles - 30 Minutes


Recovery Rule – If a singles match utilizing the two out of three full sets format lasts longer than 120 minutes (2 hours) the “Recovery Rule” {Hyperlinks to Recovery Rule} entitles a player to 120 minutes of rest before their next match. 

The 12 Hour Rule – The “12 Hour Rule” is not a rule but a strongly encouraged best practice.  The rule recommends at least 12 hours of rest between the players end of play one day, and start of play the following day.

Set Breaks – Between the 2nd and 3rd sets players are entitled to a set break.  If a full 2 of 3 tiebreak sets are being played, a player is entitled to a 10 minute set break that begins as soon as the final point of the 2nd set is completed.  If a 10 point tiebreak is being played in lieu of a 3rd set, players are only entitled to a 2 minute set break that begins as soon as the final point of the 2nd set is completed. 


Latest matches may be scheduled/played:


No match shall be scheduled after:


Nights NOT preceding school 

  • 12U -  9:00pm
  • 18U, 16U, & 14U - 10:00pm


Nights preceding school

  • 12U - 6:00pm
  • 18U, 16U, & 14U - 7:00pm


In the 10’s division, no 10U Match may be scheduled OR begun after 8:00pm.

  • Player’s Friday matches may not be scheduled prior to 4 PM on a school day without advanced notification and prior approval from Section.
  • Matches are not to start before 8:00am on a weekend or vacation day.



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