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10 & Under Tennis


Whether your child is picking up a tennis racquet for the first time or looking to continue their passion for the sport, there are plenty of play opportunities.


From elementary to high school, tennis can be played at any age and is open to all levels of play. Youngsters can ask their teachers about how they can start playing in their PE class or whether there are after-school programs they can join.


Outside of the classroom, there are various other opportunities for elementary- and high school-aged children, both competitive and non-competitive tracks are available depending on the ability and needs of the individual player.


10 & Under Tennis and the Net Generation PlayTracker

Ten and under tennis (10U) ensures players ages 5-10 are using the appropriate ball, racquet and court size for their age and skill level. ADVERTISEMENT This creates the opportunity for kids to experience appropriate levels of competition, see their improvement and have fun every step of the way.


Red Ball 

Red ball play on smaller 36′ courts, with right-sized equipment, is a great start for young players. There are red ball play opportunities for teams and individuals! 


Orange Ball

Played on 60′ courts, orange balls have slightly more bounce than red balls. This is great for players who have moved on from red ball play and those who are working on developing more match play experience.


Green Ball

Played on a full (78’) court, green balls bounce slightly lower than a yellow tennis ball.  Players at this level are more experienced with match play.


The Net Generation PlayTracker will help parents and players track progress through the Red, Orange and Green play. The PlayTracker is replacing the Stars and Trophies system to track the development of 10U players. They will now collect points, replacing the stars and trophies. Players can collect points by playing in USTA Team Challenges, USTA Junior Team Tennis and USTA Junior Circuit programs.



10 & Under Junior Circuit Events

Players can begin competing in orange ball tournaments when they are seven years old. (Players six and under are encouraged to participate in Red Ball Team Challenge events.) Once the Orange and Green Net Generation levels are completed—or on the first day of their 11th birthday month—players can participate in yellow ball tournaments.


Orange and Green Ball Junior Circuit Tournaments are listed in the tournament search found at playtennis.usta.com/tournaments.

  • Players will receive 100 Net Generation PlayTracker “play points” for participating in an Orange Ball Tournament
  • They will receive 100 “play points” for participating in a Green Ball tournament plus they are eligible for 100 “win points” for winning singles and 50 “win points” for winning doubles. Players are capped at 500 total points for any green ball event
  • 10 & U Junior Team Tennis is offered in both Orange and Green divisions. JTT Events are also eligible for play points in Orange divisions and both play and win points in Green divisions.


Click here to view all Junior Circuit events in the Midwest that are currently registering.



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Midwest Youth Team Tennis (MYTT)

With equipment sized right for age and ability, it’s never been easier for kids to get active and try tennis at school or with the whole family at a local event. Organized extracurricular programs are being offered just for kids throughout the country and tennis is ready – and waiting – for your child!


Midwest Youth Team Tennis is the perfect program to try the sport of tennis. Each session includes age appropriate skill building games and team play. We make getting started playing tennis easy and fun by helping kids play, rally and succeed right from the start.


For more information on programs in your area, click here or contact Cathy Rubey at cathy@centralindianatennis.com.



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