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Are you ready to join in the Junior Team Tennis fun?

Playing Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is a great way for players that are new to USTA competition to get started with official match play, as well as for experienced players to develop their skills, sportsmanship and move on to participating in USTA Tournaments. Players in these leagues should be able to serve, keep score, and rally before participating.


Nearly 3,000 kids in Southeastern Michigan play Junior Team Tennis annually, thanks to the parents and coaches who donate their time and talents. Reach out to a local JTT coach in your area to get started! View a list of participating clubs in Southeastern Michigan here. Parents can get involved in Junior Team Tennis, too. If there isn't a Junior Team Tennis league near you, you can even start a team, whether you're a pro or have never picked up a racquet. 



USTA Southeastern Michigan offers two types of Junior Team Tennis Leagues: Non-Advancing and Advancing Tracks.


Non-Advancing Track

  • Leagues are available in the following categories: 10, 12, 14, 18
  • There are no individual match requirements. Teams will be invited to play in a non-advancing District championship at the end of the season.
  • Players must establish a free USTA member account to participate in the Non-Advancing Track. Players are eligible once registered as a non-member.


Advancing Track

  • Junior Team Tennis is the largest team tennis program in the United States. It is a "traditional" team tennis format where a minimum of three boys and three girls form a team based on Junior NTRP Ratings and compete for the right to advance to the National Championships. Leagues are available in the following categories: 10 and 12U Intermediate, 14U Intermediate, and 18U Intermediate.
  • Match formats consist of one set of boys singles, girls singles, boys doubles, girls doubles and mixed doubles and the match is determined by total-games won. There are minimum match requirements and you must compete in local season matches in order to play at Section championships, and possibly the National championship.

Players must be a USTA Member to participate in Junior Team Tennis. 



How to Get Started 


Players: Looking for a Team to Play on? If you are looking for a JTT program or team to join, you can get started in two steps:


  1. Click here if you are currently playing in a tennis program and have a team number to register for your team/program in Tennislink.

    Note: Some programs may not be open to new players or have already filled their roster. Team parents/volunteers may be asked to help captain teams when necessary.

  2. Parents/Players: Click here if you are looking for a JTT team/program in your area. View a list of participating clubs in Southeastern Michigan here.


Parent & Player Resources

For more information about Junior Team Tennis, contact Katie Blumberg at  


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