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2020 Camp Information

Daniel Borgertpoepping  |  March 9, 2020
2018 Team USA Participants

In 2012, USTA Northern began hosting Regional Training Centers (RTC's). The RTC's have now become the Team USA Section Camps. Team USA Camps focus on older players engaged in higher level tournament play and on the competitive pathway on a section and national level. Read about the 2018 April Team USA Camp.


For 2020, USTA Northern will be hosting two Team USA Camps. With the help of the USTA Northern Player ID & Development Committee and the USTA National Player Development staff, we will be selecting  up to 24 players to attend the April and September Team USA Camps in Rochester, MN.


The camp will be staffed by section coaches who have been working with past Team USA Camps. There will also be a USTA National Faculty coach in attendance who will provide feedback and input to USTA National Player Development.



The Team USA Camp will take place over two days - Saturday and Sunday - focusing on players in the following birth years: 2007, 2008 and 2009.


Dates and Location


April 4-5, 2020, and September 26-27, 2020

Rochester Athletic Club (Hotel accomodations and lunch on Saturday and Sunday are included for both the player and a parent.)




In previous years, USTA Northern has asked players, coaches and parents to submit video for selection. In 2019, USTA Northern will not be seeking video submissions or submissions of any kind. If selected, players will be asked to complete additional paperwork. All selections will be based on criteria listed below.


Selection Criteria


The following will be taken into consideration when selecting players (in no particular order):

- Current Section/National Ranking

- Engagement, Resiliency, Passion for the game

- Technical Development - Is the player making changes?

- Tactical Development - National Competition and Results over the past 12 months.


Selection Process


Players will be selected by the USTA Northern Player ID & Development Committee in conjunction with USTA National Player Development. The Player ID & Development Committee comprises volunteer pros and coaches from around the section who work with and develop high-level players in all age groups. These are dedicated individuals with numerous years of experience and certifications.


Selection information on the 2019 Team USA Camps will be posted on the USTA Northern website and sent to all USPTA/PTR pros/coaches in the section.


If you have further questions on the selection process, contact Pat Colbert at


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