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H.I.T.S. 2

A follow-up program to USTA NorCal’s H.I.T.S. 10 and under tennis program.

H.I.T.S. 2
H.I.T.S. 2

A follow-up program to UST A NorCal’s H.I.T.S. 10 and under tennis program, H.I.T.S. 2 is a new program for kids 10 and under that will not only have a continued focus on life lessons and actual tennis play, but also an emphasis on exhibiting great teamwork on and off the court.



  • Develop the child before the athlete.
  • Focus is on playing, learning, and having fun. Not winning and losing.
  • The program builds friendships and engage kids with physical activity. The aspects of this program combine learning tennis with education.
Why H.I.T.S. 2?
The program provides a great transition for kids to move from the introductory aspect of H.I.T.S. into the team concept without a heavy emphasis on competitive play which appears later on in orange, green and yellow ball tennis. The core lessons remain a part of this program to continue to help develop the child as well at the athlete.


H.I.T.S. 2 can be run anywhere kids can play tennis, including through programs at clubs, Parks and Recreation facilities, community centers, afterschool programs, etc.


Kids will be put on teams within the program so they can experience the team tennis experience at a level they are comfortable playing as they continue to grow their skills.


The USTA Norcal H.I.T.S. 2 has been a great addition to our youth sports offerings. In Fall 2015 we had approximately 25 young athletes complete this fun, educational, and challenging program. As a program that aims to make the athletic experience available to children of all backgrounds and athletic abilities, I greatly appreciated the program’s balance of fun with a healthy level of competition. This is a great program for children who have an understanding of basic tennis fundamentals and are ready for the next step in their tennis journey. USTA Norcal could not have been a better partner in ensuring we delivered a quality program. As someone with little tennis experience, I was highly impressed with USTA Norcal’s involvement in making sure my staff was ready to lead the program at all times. Starting with the coaches training and continuing with in-person visits throughout the season, USTA Norcal was a dependable resource for our program.


Throughout the course of the program the players made great improvements and had a blast! As great as it was to see them improve their techniques, the camaraderie and sportsmanship developed between the players was equally impressive. I am now constantly asked by parents to hold more tennis programs. I believe through this program we are inspiring a new generation of lifelong tennis players.


Danny Alvarez
Director of Athletics
Boys & Girls Clubs of Marin and Petaluma


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Christy Perez

Community Programs Representative