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Ron Cioffi  |  April 21, 2022



Southern Tournament Schedule

Click here for 2022 schedule.


Suspenion Points Apply to People Associated to Players

At the USTA 2022 Annual Meeting in March of 2022, changes were passed to the USTA Suspension Point System and Point Penalty System. They have been updated to expand when suspension points and/or Code Violations can be assessed to a player for unsportsmanlike conduct.


The changes went into effect May 1, 2022 and apply to USTA Regulation IV and Table 17. Click here for an overview of the changes and some example scenarios.


"Battle of the Sections" National Team Events Set for July 31-Aug. 3

The new Level 1 Team Championship, called “The Battle of the Sections” will take place in Byron Center, Mich. for Boys' 16s & 18s and Claremont. Calif. for Girls' 16s and 18s as a lead-in for the USTA National Championships. ADVERTISEMENT The dates are July 31 – Aug. 3.


USTA Southern USTA will have a team composed of eight players, four of which will be 16-and-under players and the remaining four will be 18-and-under players. Together, these eight players will play as one team and participate in (4) singles and (4) doubles matches over the course of the tournament. The boys’ and girls’ teams will have a coach selected by Southern. The coaches for this Championship will be:

  • Melanie Oudin, Girls’ 16s and 18s
  • Noel Wadawu, Boys’ 16s and 18s

The USTA Southern selection criteria will be as follows:

If you want to be considered for selection you must register online starting at May 5, 2022, 12:00 pm, EDT. USTA National Combined Ranking will be used for selection. The first three highest-ranked players who registered online will be selected for Girls’ and Boys’ 16 and 18s. The Southern Coaches Committee will have one wildcard for each the Boys’ and Girls’ 16s and 18s. If the wildcards are not used, the slots will go back to the USTA National Combined Standing List. The June 29 USTA National Combined Ranking List will be used for selection.


Below are the links to registration for the events.


New Formats for Level 5 Tournaments

Level 5 tournaments will have the option of utilizing Flighted Draws.


Players will be flighted 1-16 into the first flight, and 17-32 into the second flight based on their rankings. If it's not a full draw, we will split the draws evenly. For example: There are 17 players in a division. Draw A will have 9 players and Draw B will have 8 players. If a player on Draw A or B withdraws after draw is posted, the alternate (if there is a wait list) will go into that vacancy. 


If doubles are being played, doubles may begin on Friday afternoon after 5:00 p.m.


Here is the link to the USTA point chart for flighted draws. If you have questions regarding the player selection and/or seeding, please contact Maria Cercone in the USTA Southern office.


Selection/seeding for Southern Level 3-5 tournaments, beginning Feb. 1

  • National Selection Combined Standing List will be used for selection into tournament.
  • National Singles Seeding List will be used for seeding in singles.
  • National Doubles Seeding List will be used for seeding doubles.


Level 6 and 7 Point Changes

The point chart for 2022 has been adjusted at Levels 6 and 7.  Please make sure that you take a look at the new point chart for these two levels. Here is the link


USTA Section Quota Lists

Annually, the USTA National Junior Tournament Schedule has four (4) Level 1 Championships that use Section Quota as a factor within the player acceptance process. The details of the player acceptance process for each Level 1 Championship can be found here. Beginning in 2022, Section Quota Lists will be published monthly on the USTA Ranking Page as described in USTA Junior Tournament Regulation VIII.H.5.e.


Click here for the list of quota for 2022 USTA National Championships by section. Click here is a full explanation of quota lists.


2022 Match Scheduling & Player Rest Requirements

Closed and Open L3, L4 and L5 events sanctioned in USTA Southern.

Player Rest Requirements

  • Any time of the year: Doubles followed by singles - A minimum of 30 minutes is required between the completion of the first doubles match of the day prior to starting singles play.
  • During the months from May 1 to October 1: Singles followed by singles - Players shall be given a minimum of two hours rest between the completion of the first singles match of the day and the start of the second singles match of the day.
  • During the months of October 1 to May 1: Singles followed by singles - Players shall be given a minimum of 90-minute rest between completion of the first singles match of the day and the start of the second match of the day. 
  • Singles followed by doubles - Players shall be given a minimum of one hour rest between any singles match (first or second of the day) and a doubles match.

NOTE: If player’s match is longer than two hours, during the months of May 1 to October 1, they may request (in person) more time from the referee. Time extension may not be guaranteed.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather and changes in scoring formats, the referee and Tournament Committee are not bound by the above scheduling increments and rest requirements. However, at a minimum, the rest between the end of the first singles match and the beginning of the second singles match should be equal to the time on court that day for the first singles match. This should also apply to any additional singles matches scheduled in that the subsequent match rest period should be equal to the duration of the previous match.


32-player Draws

These tournaments can run Saturday through Monday. Main draw finals may be played on Monday, but the consolation/back draw will stop at end of day on Sunday. Doubles will begin play on Saturday and finish by Sunday.  



You can find USTA Southern junior tournament and JTT assets and resources here.


Rules & Regulations

2022 USTA Southern Junior Rules & Regulations

2022 USTA Junior Rules & Regulations


National Tournament Schedule

Click here for the national tournament schedule.


National Team Events

USTA National Boys' & Girls' 12s Spring Team Championshis; March 5-8, 2022; El Conquistador, Tucson, AZ. Tournament page



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