2023 Southern junior tournament info

Ron Cioffi | October 02, 2023

Southern tournament schedule

Click here for a pdf version of the 2023 schedule. We will regularly update this schedule.


Gold, Silver and Bronze Balls in four age divisions

Southern juniors scored well in doubles during the USTA National Championships played in August. Three championships were played in USTA Southern: Boys' & Girls' 16s in Mobile, Ala.; Girls' 14s in Rome, Ga. and Girls' 12s in Peachtree Corners and Norcross, Ga.

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Ian Mayew, Ellery Mendell, Oliver Narbut. Photo: Bill Kallenberg

Boys’ 12s Doubles Gold Ball                                          

Siddhant Dua; Charlotte, N.C. and Smyan Vijay; Apex, N.C.


Girls’ 12s Doubles Silver Ball                                         

Emily Bennington; Apex, N.C.


Boys’ 16s Doubles Bronze Ball                                        

Ian Mayew; Cary, N.C. and Oliver Narbut; Chapel Hill, N.C.


Girls’ 14s Singles Bronze Ball                                         

Ellery Mendell; Watkinsville, Ga.


Girls’ 14s Doubles 4th place and Sportsmanship Winner            

Jensen Diianni; Marietta, Ga.


Boys’ 14 Doubles 4th Place                                            

Kayden Columbo, Georgia and Everest Kim, South Carolina 


Boys’ 18 Singles, 5th and 6th                                        

Matthew Forbes, North Carolina

William Manning, North Carolina


Boys’ 16 Singles 5 or 6                                                    

Ian Mayew, North Carolina


USTA National Doubles Championships

The national championship tournament was played in Orlando, August 25-27.


Boys' 14s                                                                         

Gold Ball: Yannik Alvarez; Cumming. Ga.; Shaan Majeed, Cumming, Ga.


Girls' 16s                                                           

Silver Ball: Ava Rodriguez, Gainesville, Ga.; Danbielle Young, Cary, N.C.


Boys' 16s                                                        

Bronze Ball: Ryan Cozad, Alpheretta, Ga.; Mason Taube, Atlanta

4th Place: Sawyer & Scott Severance, Daniel Island, S.C.


Girls' 14s
Bronze Ball: Chloe Zigliara, Marietta, Ga.


Boys' 18s                                                           

4th place: Shaurya Bharadwaj, Charlotte, N C.; Jimin Jung, Cary, N.C.


Battle of the Sections

USTA Southern's Battle of the Sections Boys' team downed Northern California 9-3 to take the title. The team consisted of four 16s and four 18 and played July 29-Aug. 1 in Notre Dame, Ill. They also defeated Hawaii on Saturday, Eastern on Sunday and Midwest on Monday.The team consisted of Boys' 16s and 18s, left to right: Gavin Goode, GA.; Sawyer Severance, S.C.; Rajat Ahirur, Ga.; Ryan Cozad, Ga.; coach Noel Wadawu, Ga.; Cody Benton, N.C.; Shaurya Bharadwaj, N.C.; Jimin Jung, N.C. and Aidan Atwood, Ga.


The Girls' players are Hadley Appling, Lillie Murphy, Virginia Crocker, Sasha Dimitrov, Madeliene Rexroat, Emily Baek, Elizabeth Fauchet and Ellie Hammond. Melanie Oudin, of Georgia, coached the team.


Their matches were played in Claremont, Calif.

USTA Southern Girls' 16s & 18s' 2023 Battle of the Sections team
USTA Southern Boys' 16s & 18s' 2023 Battle of the Sections champions

Good Chase: USTA Southern finishes good sportsmanship program

USTA Southern's Junior Competition Committee and Juniors Department's initiative called the Good Chase Championship Race promoted exemplary sportsmanship. The results will be posted sometime in August.

The pilot program ran from May 1 to July 31, 2023 with the top prize of two tickets to the US Open and $500 hotel grant. Match Tennis App is providing $800 in airfare to the winner. Good Chase leader Ernie James spoke about the initiative on the USTA Southern podcast "Talking Tennis Southern Style."


For complete rules, click here.


Draw and quotas changed for Level 1 Boys' & Girls' 14s, 16s & 18s Championships

The 2023 Level 1 USTA Championships for Boys' and Girls' 14s, 16s and 18s will have a 192 singles draw. Southern's quotas for those events have been revised. Click here for the quotas.


New 12s, 14s Boys' Girls' Level 4 Southern Closed Team Championships

USTA Southern has approved a new Level 4 Team championship for the Girls' and Boys' 12s and 14s on July 27-30. The Champions Club Tennis Complex, 1096 Lupton Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37351, will host the event. The competition replaces the Southern junior tournament calendar the Level 2 National Zonal Event that was cancelled for 2023.


This new event will be closed to Southern players. There will be 24 girls and 24 boys selected into the 12s and 14s and waterfalled into four teams of six girls and six boys. Each team will have a coach who will be able to coach during changeovers. Selection will be by USTA standings from the July 5 published list. Applications open on May 1 and the deadline to apply is July 9. Waterfalling will be done by USTA standings list published July 19. 


Format is round robin. All competitors will play three singles, two doubles and one mixed. Scoring: 2 out of 3 sets -with match tie break in lieu of third set. Doubles will be an eight-game pro set, no ad.

On Thursday, July 27, there will be a mandatory Meet and Greet with your team and coach at 3:00 p.m.  At 4:00 p.m. the first round of doubles begin. After doubles there will be a pizza party.  


Click here to apply.


Other team competitions

As announced by USTA, the L1 'Battle of the Sections' event will return in 2023 for the 16s and 18s divisions, but the other national team events—Intersectional Championships, Zone Team Championships and National Team Championships—will not be held in 2023. Additional resources will be made available to encourage team event competitions at the local level as the USTA continues to evaluate its national team products.



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