Ron Cioffi  |  April 20, 2021
Teens handshake at net

Boys' and Girls' 14s-18s, June 5-11, 2021

160-draw, singles feed-in-consolation through the round of 16. Doubles: single elimination.


Boys' and Girls' 12s, June 5-10, 2021

128-draw compass singles and doubles.


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Each state will have their quota filled by  players in rank order from the Southern ranking list. (There is no requirement to be on the quota list).) After quota is filled, the rest of the players (who are not in quota) will be selected from the Southern ranking list.


Boys' and Girls' 14s-18s quotas

Alabama, 11

Arkansas, 8

Georgia, 39

Kentucky, 9

Louisiana, 11

Mississippi, 10

North Carolina, 29

South Carolina, 15

Tennessee, 14


Boys' and Girls' 12s quotas

Alabama, 9

Arkansas, 6

Georgia, 37

Kentucky, 7

Louisiana, 9

Mississippi, 8

North Carolina, 27

South Carolina, 13

Tennessee, 12


2020 Quotas for Boys' and Girls' 10s

Boys and Girls 10s West and Central 32 draw size, East 64 draw size

Alabama, 11

Arkansas, 9

Georgia, 31

Kentucky, 8

Louisiana, 12

Mississippi, 11

North Carolina, 22

South Carolina, 11

Tennessee, 13


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