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<h1>PIN WINNERS</h1>

Sportsmanship Pins are presented by tournament staff to deserving individuals during the tournament.


Sportsmanship is defined as “fairness, respect for one’s opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing," and it is those qualities we wish to promote and instill in players of all ages. But, sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the players on the court. Coaches, parents, and fans also need to be aware of how they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you. USTA Texas is dedicated to not only promoting a solid competitive atmosphere, but also to developing players into respectful and fair adults by continually raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors, both on and off the court. 




June Sportsmanship Pin Winners


Lakes Tennis Academy Challenger (June 1-2)


Name: Sydney Witherspoon 

Age: 11

City: Rockwall

Showed great sportsmanship both on and off the court




Princeton/Anna Challenger (June 8-9)


Name: Gautham Mohanraj

Age:  13

City: Frisco

Persevered through the heat with a smile on his face and no complaints



Southlake Area (NE Tarrant) Challenger (June 8-9)


Name: Allison Martin 

Age: 13

City: Trophy Club




Name: Rohan Shome 

Age: 10

City: Frisco



Centennial Bank Hill Country Challenger (June 8-9)


Name: Robert Ethan Miller 

Age: 16

City: Kyle

Displayed great sportsmanship during and after!  Complimenting his opponent for his excellent play. 




Name: Taylor Bierschwale 

Age: 10

City: Mason

Consistent sportsmanship at all times.  Great attitude. Congratulates opponents and other winners.  A joy to be around.   




Name: Caroline Scott 

Age: 11

City: Austin

This young lady kept her head up and stayed positive during every match.  A smile on her face and gracious to her competitors.   




Name: Bryson Hirt 

Age: 13

City: Wall

Bryson was a great sportsman.  He complimented his opponents and showed no negative reactions during his matches.  He was polite and courteous on and off the court.    


The Texas Slam (June 8-15)


Name: Matteo Mejia

Age: 11

City: Prosper 

Every time he was on the court he had respect for his opponents and conducted himself polite manner. He was a class act both when winning and losing.




Name: Reika Nagai & Anahita Gozalpour

Age: 14 & 14

City: Frisco & Houston

Both girls recognized as kindhearted, respectful & playing the game with passion & smiles all the time!




Name: Elsha Valluru

Age: 13

City: Highland Village

2 solid singles wins & great attitude entire matches.




Name: Alicia Wu

Age: 13

City: Austin

Never complained about any calls & always made great line calls as well as respectful of her opponent.




Name: Sydnie Durham

Age: 15

City: Sugar Land

Stayed cool, calm and collected with her body language throughout the match. I was impressed with her maturity.




Name: Sebastian Papp

Age: 12

City: Plano

All around great sport. Very friendly to all opponents




Name: Bardo Bucknell

Age: 11

City: Houston

Was very nice to his opponent even when his opponents were firy



Name: Naomi Widiaman

Age: 14

City: Spring

She fell fractured her wrist kept playing for 3 1/2 hours then started cramping and had to retire. She gave it her all.



Name: Caden Moortgat

Age: 18

City: Plano

His opponent had a pretty nasty fall and he rushed over to help and even offered an ice bag for him to use



Name: Roman Coe

Age: 18

City: Mason




Name: Saundarya Vedula

Age: 14

City: McKinney




Name: Jada Hill & Ariana Sadiku

Age: 15 & 15

City: Missouri City & Humble




Name: Misha Berry

Age: 18

City: Bellaire




Name: Jacob Golden

Age: 13

City: Austin




Name: Reya Coe

Age: 14

City: Mason




Name: James Cockrell

Age: 15

City: Austin




Name: Jett Hampton & Joseph Jarvis

Age: 18 & 17

City: Lakeway & Gilmer



Name: Simran Chhabra

Age: 16

City: Irving




Name: Kayla Schefke 

Age: 13

City: McKinney




Lost Forest June Junior Open (June 15-16)


Name: Mishelle Garcia 

Age: 11

City: Houston

Never gave up.  Always had a smile. 



May Sportsmanship Pin Winners


Brownsville Challenger (May 4-5)



Name: Diego De Lacruz

Age:  8

City: Mission

Great attitude



Name: Vatsal Mannepalli

Age:  10

City: Austin

Displayed great attitude on and off the court



Name: Mark Gonzalez

Age:  16

City: Hidalgo

Represented himself on the court very well



Frisco Jr. Championship (May 11-12)



Name: Henry Tolbert 

Age: 14

City: Prosper




Past Sportsmanship Winners





Vivian Myers, 12 (Midland)

Enrique Gonzalez Jr, 9 (Laredo)

Alex Trevino III, 10 (Harlingen)

Taylor Ann Trevino, 8 (Harlingen)

Michelle Pugh, 13 (Montgomery) 

Paige Pesek, 14 (Houston)

Kanari Hirano, 14 (Houston)

Jett Hampton, 18 (Lakeway)

Steven Tibbetts, 18 (Austin)

Anna Asako, 15 (Frisco)

Jourdan Krueger, 16 (Dallas)

Finn Brewer, 11 (Houston)

Shiv Khera, 11 (Houston)

Yash Chauhan, 10 (San Antonio)

Claire Deykin,  7 (San Antonio)

Eduardo Escobedo, 10 (San Antonio)

Vivek Gowdhaman, 9 (Helotes)

Henry Miller, 8 (San Antonio)

Christopher Nasser, 9 (San Antonio)

Kimberly Nasser, 9 (San Antonio)

Jonah Sherer, 8 (San Antonio)



Anna Garcia-Romanos, 14 (Sugar Land)

Thiago Soto, 14 (Cypress)

Brooklynn Spears, 18 (Missouri City)

Renny Anthony, 12 (Frisco)

Anika Mukherjee, 14 (Richardson)

Arnav Sriram, 14 (Frisco)

Gwyneth Basilovecchio, 16 (Waco)

Jordan Oberbillig, 16 (Lucas)

Daniel Moeller, 13 (Lantana)

Sabrina Scanlon, 10 (San Antonio)

Beau Glauser, 8 (Boerne)



Aaron O'Brien, 14 (Plano)

Autumn Turrubiates, 16 (Harlingen)



Advik Chiranji, 15 (Frisco)

Nivedita Anandaraj, 13 (Coppell)

Colin Dalgetty, 16 (Frisco)

Furqaan Mohammed, 8 (Plano)

Justin Caldwell, 18 (Richardson) *Caldwell won at two separate tournaments*

Noah Malin, 11 (Grapevine)

Addison Chase, 10 (Aledo)

Satvik Kumar, 12 (Austin)

Karan Rane, 17 (Austin)




Kyle Sanders, 15 (Spring Branch)

Mahir Vallabhaneni, 9 (Round Rock )

Ryan Delmonico, 11 (Austin)

Justin Caldwell, 18 (Richardson)

Mae Montgomery, 14 (Houston)

Andria Alston, 9 (Laredo)

Henry Lovelace, 15 (Driftwood)

Julia Elliott, 12 (Lubbock)

Finnegan Tankersley, 14 (Austin)



Lucas Melgar, 10 (San Antonio)

Andre Tuscano, 10 (San Antonio)

Ryleigh Richardson, 10 (Boerne)

Yael Modrykamien, (Dallas)

Annette Weber, 8 (McKinney)

Reagan Wells, 13 (Frisco)

Camila Rendon, 14 (Frisco)

Priyam Poddar, 9 (Frisco)

Landon Borders, 9 (Frisco)

Tyler Cerna, 14 (Laredo)

Parker Allen, 16 (Corpus Christi)

Lucia Riojas, 8 (Rio Grande City)

Shail Jani, 12 (Flower Mound)

Jacob Daniell, 15 (Wills Point)

Roman Berry, 15 (Allen)

Autumn Xu, 9 (Frisco)

Chase Krivokucha, 16 (Georgetown)

Wilson Salazar Jr, 12 (Houston)

Heintje Unson, 13 (Friendswood)

Qasym Dar, 11 (Houston)

Hannah Quick, 14 (Levelland)

Finnegan Tankersley, 14 (Austin)

Leo Alejandro Antonio, 13 (Red Oak)

Sriya Gourammagari, 13 (Frisco)

Jai Dutta, 12 (Coppell)

Snehin Yerragudi, 14 (Cedar Park)

Aravind Sridhar, 13 (Frisco)

Mircea Tatulescu, 14 (Houston)

Jakobie Cotton, 14 (Houston)

Neha Guru, 13 (Irving) 

Audrey Deatherage, 13 (Tyler)

Jordan Oberbillig, 16 (Lucas)



Bailey Standokes, 15 (Haslet)

Garrett Walthall, 14 (Flower Mound)

Nishtha Panging, 12 (Frisco)

Natalie Pesenko, 15 (Grand Prairie)

Laureen Peck, 16 (Flower Mound)

Kamille Hernandez, 13 (Manvel)

Paola Porraz, 14 (Spring)

Andrea Gonzalez, 12 (Royse City)

Brooklyn Samuels, 18 (Dallas)

Dakota Fernandez, 17 (San Marcos)

Jaydn Boone, 16 (Dallas)

Gabriella Castillo, 15 (Frisco)

David Schelling and dad, 14 (Austin)

Gabriel Cuevas, 14 (Corpus Christi)

Caiden Riebold, 11 (Austin)

Alexis Foyt, 8 (Spring)

Nathaniel Kiblinger, 11 (Tyler)

Victoria Ceja, 12 (San Antonio)

Emma Self, 15 (Lindale)

Abby Wills, 16 (Flint)

Lakshana Parasuraman, 13 (Irving)

Nandini Thallapareddy, 14 (Irving)

Alisa Nance, 14 (Houston) 

Tatiana Vassiliev, 13 (Houston)



Wynter Johnson-Smith, 12 (Humble)

Elah Barlow and her mom, 10 (Marathon)

Isaiah, Isaac, and Izabella Briones and their parents, 13, 16 & 9 (Marathon)

Vianey Franco and her family, 10 (Fort Stockton)

Josh Haylock and his mom, 14 (Kerrville)

Jaslene Tijerina and her mom, 10 (Fort Stockton)

Campbell, Madeline, Annaliese West and their parents, 14, 12 & 9 (Marathon)

Sadie Carter and her mom, 10 (Marathon)

Caraday Martin, 13 (Dallas)

Maryam Sharafeldin, 14 (Eagle Pass)

Allison Schwartz, 14 (League City)

Ainsley Fischer, 11 (Richmond)

Shawn Alonzo, 17 (San Antonio)

Will Porter, 18 (Fort Worth)

Marco Nilsson, 16 (San Antonio)

Nicholas Nasser, 13 (Keller)

Maxwell Levy, 17 (Dallas)



Justin Caldwell, 18 (Richardson) *Caldwell won at two separate tournaments*

Ryota Mizuno, 15 (Austin)

Alex Tran, 14 (Kerrville)

Daniel Castillo, 13 (Frisco)

Halle Schenk, 14 (Frisco)

Akshay Bhaskar, 12 (Plano)

Suzuka Nishino, 17 (Irving)

Reagan Ramsey, 16 (Temple)



Henry Scott, 16 (Dallas)

Tyler Cerna, 14 (Laredo)

Andrew Diver, 14 (Georgetown)

Margo Zenner, 14 (Houston)

Luis Pinon, 16 (Fort Stockton)

Matthew Moreno, 16 (Odessa)

Mia Rodriguez, 14 (Fort Worth)

Yetta Williams, 16 (Staples)

Aiden Weller, 14 (Austin)

Branton Kirchner, 10 (Wimberley)

Wyatt Terrell, 12 (Menard)

Alexa Alden, 16 (Wichita Falls)

Nora Guerry, 12 (Houston)

Madelynn Schmidt, 15 (Lubbock)

Liam Wedge, 16 (Fort Worth)




Rohan Polavaram, 15 (Austin)

Sydney Perlick, 13 (Houston)

Leo Holloway, 14 (Conroe)

Alexander Ursha, 16 (Wimberley)

Sofia Galindo, 14 (Boerne)

Trinity Miller, 15 (Abilene)

Ananth Sridhar, 8 (Austin)

John Zurbriggen, 13 (Houston)

Ella Wertz, 10 (Frisco)

Emma Prose, 8 (Plano)

Lauren Nolan, 9 (Little Elm)

Robert Rehmet, 15 (Sherman)

Sadhana Cheemalamarri, 13 (Frisco)

Cole Phillips, 15 (Allen)

Elina Osherow, 16 (San Antonio)

Valerie Navarro Cavazos, 15 (San Antonio)



Avery Jameson, 12 (Wall)

Sami Sharif, 15 (Lubbock)

Andy Earthman, 15 (Amarillo)

Blake Downing, 15 (Burleson)

Taylor Lewis, 12 (Dallas)

Anh Dinh, 16 (Arlington)

Thomas Davies, 14 (Frisco)

Brandon Rea, 15 (Haslet)

Erik Emerson, 15 (Frisco)

Joseph Lombardo, 13 (Mansfield)

Kai Turner, 12 (Dallas)

Rohan Shome, 10 (Frisco)

Sydney Cohen, 14 (Midlothian)

Daniel Sandoval, 15 (Corpus Christi)

Ashton Cole, 16 (Austin)

Meridith Bradley, 9 (Lubbock)

Sammy Giraldo, 9 (Dallas)

Lakshana Parasuraman, 12 (Irving)

Felicie Hoffmann, 12 (Southlake)

Haley Hughes, 17 (Highland Village)

Joshua Alvarez, 12 (Carrollton)

Momoka Manning, 15 (Corinth)

Maria Miroshnichenko, 12 (Southlake)

Sharma Adhvyte, 14 (Murphy)

Lance Luong, 13 (Carrollton)

Kaemon Shiao, 14 (Dallas)

Marius Nguyen, 13 (Cypress)

Alex Park, 14 (Dallas)

Boys 14 SCMZ Division, Ages 12-14



Anapaula Campos, 12 (Spring)

Nicholas Nasser, 12 (Keller)
Marius Nguyen, 12 (Cypress)

Zachary Simon, 15 (Georgetown)

Abigail Hughes, 12 (Austin)

Avery Jameson, 12 (San Angelo)

Wilson Nguyen, 17 (Pflugerville)

Dillon Peters, 17 (Schertz)

Jason Wild, 16 (San Antonio)

Keegan Smith, 14 (Cypress)

William Urdahl, 15 (Houston)

Alyssa Davila, 16 (Houston)

Adrian Gonzalez, 12 (Spring)

Javier de la Garza (The Woodlands)

Zak Weigand, 14 (Kingwood)

Izabella Briones, 10 (Marathon)

Kelyn Gass, 10 (Marathon)

Sadie Carter, 10 (Marathon)

Josh Haylock, 16 (Marathon)

Alysa Garcia, 11 (Marathon)

Hunter Lee, 18 (Abilene)

Grant Carrington, 16 (Dallas)

Milo Williams, 7 (McKinney)

Davis Wallin, 15 (Austin)

Anahita Gozalpour, 14 (Houston)

Micah Ahr, 16 (Austin)

Kristina Yu, 18 (New Braunfels)

Gabriel Martins, 8 (Fresno)



Aidan Twamley, 12 (Southlake)

Jose Gomez, 12 (Dallas)

Luke Scott, 10 (Plano)

Emma Foster, 10 (San Antonio)

Mason Stephens, 12 (Boerne)

Sebastian Perez-Flyckt, 10 (San Antonio)

Zach Faulkner, 17 (Austin)

Parker Klar, 16 (Boerne)

Olivia Sauber, 14 (The Woodlands)

Alejandra Ramirez, 15 (Mission)

Crystal Liu, 10 (Beaumont)

Ammar Ali, 11 (Bellaire)

Tanzil Mohamed, 17 (San Antonio)

Antonio Garza, 16 (Brownsville)

Alejandra Lopez, 18 (Houston)

Jack Marcus, 14 (Austin)

Trey Pleasant, 11 (Austin)

Bobby Currie, 14 (Austin)

Mason Hart, 14 (Spicewood)

Nicholas Felton, 13 (Spring)

Zachary Belyea, 9 (Frisco)

Manav Parekh, 10 (Plano)

Kate Catalena, 13 (College Station)

Jaxon Green, 12 (College Station)

Shayna Meek, 13 (Kerrville)

Alberto Patjane, 8 (San Antonio)



Rami Sharif, 8 (Lubbock)

Helena Donovan, 10 (Austin)

Deepak Nagawanshi, Parent (Katy)

Todd Luft, Parent (Tomball)

Svetlozar Zahariev, Parent (Houston)

Erin Millican, 17 (Bedford)

Belui Gubaie, 9 (The Colony)

Grace Gough, 15 (Trophy Club)

Ike Davidson, 12 (Dallas)

Austin Steres, 12 (Cypress)

John Cizmas, 12 (College Station)


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