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<h1>PIN WINNERS</h1>

Sportsmanship Pins are presented by tournament staff to deserving individuals during the tournament.


Sportsmanship is defined as “fairness, respect for one’s opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing," and it is those qualities we wish to promote and instill in players of all ages. But, sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the players on the court. Coaches, parents, and fans also need to be aware of how they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you. USTA Texas is dedicated to not only promoting a solid competitive atmosphere, but also to developing players into respectful and fair adults by continually raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors, both on and off the court. 




April 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners


Level 6 - Bad Dawg (Dallas) 12-18s Designated Championship (April 3-4)


Name: Jenna Sohosky

Player Division: Girls 14s



Name: Halley Brooks

Player Division: Girls 14s



Level 4 Open - Austin Tennis Academy 16's & 18's (April 10-12)


Name: Lucas Elkins

Player Division: Boys 16s

Even tempered, helpful, respectful of others.



Name: Allison Schwartz

Player Division: Girls 18s

Her matches were delayed multiple times, due to long match times. She was friendly to tournament staff and her opponents throughout the entire tournament. Used the match tennis app properly without complaining.




Fredericksburg Level 7 Open (April 10)


Name: Amrith Chandra

Player Division: Boys 14s

Amrith demonstrated a consistent positive and friendly attitude with his opponents. His calm demeanor, accurate line calls and general friendliness contributed to a fun match experience for all, despite the competitive circumstances.



Level 6: South Texas CTA April Level 6 Open Tournament (April 10-11)


Name: Óscar Varela

Player Division: Boys 12s

Great attitude and sense of sportsmanship during the court saying "that was a great game you played really good"



Level 7 - Bad Dawg (Dallas) Boys & Girls 12-18s Designated Championships (April 10-11)


Name: Samantha Lopez & Olivia Clark

Player Division: Girls 16s

Exhibited great sportsmanship entire tournament



Level 5 Open - Waco Tennis Association Girls & Boys 16s & 18s (April 17-18)


Name: Xavier Cristan

Player Division: Boys 16s

Xavier was a pleasure to have at our tournament. His first round opponent came to me and asked to nominate Xavier for the sportsmanship award. He said he was the nicest opponent he had ever played.


Name: Grayson Roberts

Player Division: Boys 16s

Grayson made it a point to reach out to me to nominate another player for the sportsmanship award. He is a very respectful young man and it was a pleasure to have him at our tournament.



Level 6: Bad Dawg (Dallas) Boys & Girls 16s-18s Championships


Name: Eden & Mia Rogozinski

Player Division: Girls 16s

Twin sisters played in semis, were polite and professional as they competed against each other



March 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners


Level 6 - Georgetown Junior Open (March 6-7)



Name: Dayne Grant

Player Division: Boys 12s

Tried to help when player slipped. Overall niceness and ran to get a pencil for me when mine broke.




Name: Rachana Akkineni & Emery Doan

Player Division: Girls 14s

Very polite and well mannered. Complimentary of her opponent.




Level 5 Open - West Texas Junior Boys and Girls 18s (March 6-7)



Name: Holden Ross

Player Division: Boys 18s

Player had great attitude throughout tournament - no matter how his opponent was acting on court.




Name: Luis Pinon

Player Division: Boys 18s

Luis showed excellent sportsmanship throughout tournament - regardless if he was winning or losing the match and was very complimentary of his opponents and just a pleasure to observe on court.




Level 6 - Waco Tennis Association March Junior Open Singles, Doubles , Mixed (March 13-14)



Name: Kaden Slider

Player Division: Boys 16s

This young man played 4 very tough matches. He held it together very well and was gracious to each of his opponents.





Name: Karissa Kuhl

Player Division: Girls 16s

Karissa displayed great sportsmanship during all of her matches. Kindness towards her opponent is one of great strengths.




Level 6 - Metroplex Boys and Girls 12s-18s (March 20-21)


Name: Rex Refrery

Player Division: Boys 12s

Rex was very considerate to the desk workers and his opponent. Gave the close line calls to his opponent.




Level 5 Open - San Angelo March Boys and Girls 18s (March 20-21)



Name: Derek Fuhr

Player Division: Boys 18s

Derek overall has had the best attitude on and off the court. He holds his head high with great character, while also being kind to his fellow opponents.




Name: Sebastian Mora

Player Division: Boys 18s

Displayed excellent character during a competitive match.




Name: Logan Knight

Player Division: Boys 18s

Was respectful to both players and officials throughout the tournament. Providing an excellent example for players of all ages.





Name: Kristin Thompson & Stella Sifuentes

Player Division: Girls 18s

Kristin is super polite and overall enjoys the game of tennis. She is complimentary of her opponents--and just has an overall great attitude. Win or lose she is kind and sweet! Stella is such a pleasure to watch on the tennis courts. She is thoughtful and respectful to her opponents. I have know this young lady for many years. It's nice to see an excellent tennis player showing phenomenal sportsmanship on and off the court.




Level 5 Open - B&G14s Spring, TX (March 27-28)



Name: Emily Fraser

Player Division: Girls 14s

Emily showed fair consideration in her line calls, was respectful to site director/official, and was kind to her opponents before, during, and after the match.




Name: Helena Donovan

Player Division: Girls 14s

Helena demonstrated sportsmanship by applauding her opponents' shots, being kind to parents, official/site director, and being fair with her line calls.




Level 5 Open - Waco Tennis Association Boys & Girls 16 & Under (March 27-28)



Name: Stephen Coffman

Player Division: Boys 16s

This player made a mistake, owner up to it and apologized to his opponent. It was a pleasure to have him.






Name: Juliana Creel

Player Division: Girls 16s

She played well throughout the weekend and won each match using great sportsmanship. We had an elderly gentleman that watched her last match and gave her advice after the match. She had never met him before and was very gracious to him.



Level 5 Open - Bad Dawg (Dallas) Boys and Girls 12 Championship


Name: Winston Tian

Player Division: Boys 12s

Great character


Past Sportsmanship Winners


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