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Sportsmanship Pins are presented by tournament staff to deserving individuals during the tournament.


Sportsmanship is defined as “fairness, respect for one’s opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing," and it is those qualities we wish to promote and instill in players of all ages. But, sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the players on the court. Coaches, parents, and fans also need to be aware of how they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you. USTA Texas is dedicated to not only promoting a solid competitive atmosphere, but also to developing players into respectful and fair adults by continually raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors, both on and off the court. 


Thank you to Tournament Directors who have submitted Sportsmanship Pin Winnners since March 2021: 
Ernie Abraham, Connor Bond, Kevin Collins, Diane Curry, Ramon Dunivan, Steve Franklin, Mary Lynn Gayler, Sammy Giammalva, Mia Gordon, David Gray, Arnaud Guillemard, Bobby Hagerman, Seelye Harrison, Cheryl Hultquist, Jeff Kurnik, Claire McFerran, Brian Notis, Edgar Pena, Daniel Rubio, Lee Thornburg, Lauren Vu.



April 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners


Arzu Aliyeva Girls 12s L7
Aravindh Balaji Boys 14s L6
Maddox Carter Boys 12s L7
Siena Castro Girls 12s L6
Layla Flakes Girls 16s L5
Natalie Friedman Girls 12s L7
Kaitlyn Hakim Girls 12s L6
Kellen Hays Boys 14s L6
Aubrey Heard Girls 12s L7
Courtney Hill Girls 12s L7
Sebasitan Huynh Boys 12s L7
Shaan Iligin Boys 14s L6
Robert Morgan Boys 12s L7
Melia Silvey Girls 12s L7
Graydon St. John Boys 12s L7
Lydia Xu Girls 12s L6


February 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners


Sadie Burton Girls 12s L6
Sophia Flores Girls 12s L6
Addison Garza Girls 16s L6
Kathryn Letterer Girls 12s L6
Vignesh Salandri Boys 12s L6
Corina Salas Girls 14s L6
Emily Stoian Girls 14s L6
Brecklyn Turner Boys 12s L6


January 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Elliott Awomoyi Boys 14s L3
Qasyn Dar Boys 14s L3
Cutter Carrell Boys 16s L6


December 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Kyle Clemens Boys 12s L6


November 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Garnet Ye Boys 16s L5
Shriyan Daggumalli Boys 18s L5
Parthiv Varanasi Boys 16s L5
Elsie Modi Girls 16s L5
Fiorella Murolo Girls 12s L5
Ana Mata Girls 12s L5
Lucy McGarrahan Girls 12s L5
Robert Avlayee Boys 12s L7
Obama Avlayee
Boys 12s L7
Sanjana Aslesh Girls 14s L7
Kylie Pike Girls 18s L6
Korbin Jastrow Girls 16s L6
Siddhartha Lama Boys 18s L4
Ethan Ruppanner Boys 18s L4
Daniela Floyd Girls 12s L6
Sadie Burton Girls 12s L6
Naila Sujauddeen Girls 14s L6
Madelyne Tipton Girls 14s L6


October 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Tyler Chang Boys 14s L7
Morgan Ward Girls 14s L6
Kathryn Letterer Girls 12s L6
Ava Patterson Girls 16s L6
Gareth Hughes Boys 12s L6
Sutton Shapard Boys 12s L6
Anthony Jung Boys 12s L6
Liam Dent Boys 12s L6
Audrina Goodman Girls 12s L7


September 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Kate Craver Girls 18s L5
Daniel Lee Boys 14s L6
William Marshall Boys 12s L6
Jacob Marshall Boys 16s L6
Gautam Panguluri Boys 16s L6
Winston Streett Boys 12s L7
Ava Terefe Girls 14s L5


August 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Mahi Bhatnagar Girls 14s L7
McKenna Boyett Girls 14s L4
Sydney Brand Boys 14s L6
Isabel Christian Girls 12s L7
Mya Dennis Girls 12s L7
Kaden Fenno Boys 14s L6
Winfield Fleming Boys 14s L7
Allen He Boys 18s L4
Cole O'Leary Boys 14s L5
Vignesh Salandri Boys 12s L7


July 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Arjun Agrawal Boys 12s L6
Nicholas Apte Boys 16s L7
Cruz Beltran Boys 14s L5
Corbin Cason Boys 16s L6
Manyukth Chukka Boys 14s L7
Carly Cook Girls 14s L7
Celia Davis Girls 14s L7
Vance Dick Boys 14s L5
Cole Fricke Boys 16s L6
John Griggs Boys 12s L7
Oliver Hankins Boys 18s L5
Darla Looez Girls 16s L5
Aria Moreni Girls 18s L5
McKinley Obst Girls 12s L7
Khloe Schefke Girls 14s L5
Lauren Tadoum Girls 14s L7
Kevin Thompson Boys 16s L5
Benjamin Turner Boys 16s L6
Leyton Wang Boys 14s L5


June 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners



The Texas Slam (June 19-27)


Name: Damian Rosas

Player Division: Boys 16s



Name: James Cockrell

Player Division: Boys 18s



Name: Lauryn Tu

Player Division: Girls 16s




Name: Allison Monreal

Player Division: Girls 16s



Names: Lucas Brown, Rahulniket Konakanchi, , Anmay Devaraj, and Jacob Riezebeek

Player Division: Boys 18s



Name: Liam Dent

Player Division: Boys 12s



Name: Ona Eleni

Player Division: Girls 16s



Name: Duncan Moore

Player Division: Boys 18s


Name: Nate Lanoux

Player Division: Boys 18s



Name: Medea Sengottiya

Player Division: Girls 16s


Name: Yian Duong

Player Division: Girls 18s



Name: Ella Brownback

Player Division: Girls 16s

Great attitude on and off the court. 



Name: Maximilian Henderson

Player Division: Boys 16s

Resiliency and Kindness



Name: Mircea Tatulescu

Player Division: Boys 16s



Name: Hud & Holden Hoskins

Player Division: Boys 16s

Patience and humility


Name: Sadie Dakay

Player Division: Girls 12s

Strong Consideration For Others



Name: Luke Laczkowski

Player Division: Boys 14s

Strong Consideration For Others



Name: Harrison Chambers

Player Division: Boys 12s

Saying good shot even when he lost important points, let his opponent take a towel break when he needed it. Hard fight, but still polite.



Name: Dylan Meineke

Player Division: Boys 12s

Great attitude on court always. Fought very hard in both match to come back from deficits



Name: Marcela Lopez

Player Division: Girls 18s



May 2021 Sportsmanship Pin Winners



Level 5 Open - BAD DAWG (Dallas) Section Designated 12 & 16s (May 1-2)


Name: Kash Kelso

Player Division: Boys 12s

Exhibited patience and courtesy during tournament with multiple rain delays



Name: Eoin Burgess

Player Division: Girls 12s

Patient and kind to opponents and staff during tournament with multiple rain delays



Name: Emerson Bousquet

Player Division: Girls 16s

Kind and patient to opponents and staff during tournament with multiple rain delays



Level 6: Georgetown Level 6 May Open (May 1-2)


Name: Penn Bailey

Player Division: Girls 10 Green Ball

This was a very long weekend of rain delays and waiting for this May L6. After not getting to play during the first day of the tournament and coming back sunday, Penn lost her first round in the East draw. She was ready to play the following match in the north bracket but was mistakenly told her opponent withdrew from the tournament. Her opponent did in fact want to play and just didn't hear her name being called for her match. The site director texted Penn's family who agreed to come back and play that match even though they had left the site. All through this Penn had a great attitude and was very committed to getting a chance to play that weekend. She was very respectful to her opponents and site director when speaking to them and this is well deserved.



Level 5 Open: Austin Tennis Academy Section Designated Boys' and Girls' 12's & 16's (May 15-16)


Name: Andrew Reiman

Player Division: Boys 16s

He is a true gentleman, sincerely nice, pleasant and polite. He has a great demeanor on the court and is fair to his opponents.


Level 7 - Bad Dawg (Dallas-Denton) Section Designated 12-18s (May 15-16)



Name: Rohan Ahuju

Player Division: Boys 16s

Great sport when having to move to satellite facility


Name: Srikar Koppana

Player Division: Boys 16s

Exhibited Great Sportsmanship



Level 6 - San Antonio, TX - King Daddy Sports by Racquet Pro Junior Open 12, 14, 16, 18 Under (May 22-23)


Name: Brayden Effler

Player Division: Boys 16s

Brayden was a tremendous help for the King Daddy San Antonio Tournament. He went above and beyond to help out during our rain delays this weekend that we really appreciated. Thank you Brayden!



Level 6 - Bad Dawg (Dallas-Denton) 12-18s Championships (May 22-23)



Name: Olivia Riedl

Player Division: Girls 16s

Olivia was patient and kind to opponents and site directors through 3 rain delays



Level 7 - Southlake Boys & Girls 12-16 Open (May 29-30)



Name: Liem Prassl

Player Division: Boys 12s

Very complimentary of opponents.




Name: Zamira Casey & Mya Dennis

Player Division: Girls 12s

Zamira was very kind to all players in Round robin. Mya was very complimentary of opponent play.




Name: Kavin Karthikeyan

Player Division: Boys 14s

Really nice at tournament desk, very complimentary to opponents.




Name: Sarah Crume

Player Division: Girls 16s

Great line calls, very respectful at desk. Kind to opponents.



Past Sportsmanship Winners


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