Sportsmanship Pins are presented by tournament staff to deserving individuals during the tournament.


Sportsmanship is defined as “fairness, respect for one’s opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing," and it is those qualities we wish to promote and instill in players of all ages. But, sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the players on the court. Coaches, parents, and fans also need to be aware of how they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you. USTA Texas is dedicated to not only promoting a solid competitive atmosphere, but also to developing players into respectful and fair adults by continually raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors, both on and off the court. 


Thank you to Tournament Directors who have submitted Sportsmanship Pin Winnners since March 2021: 
Ernie Abraham, Connor Bond, Kevin Collins, Diane Curry, Ramon Dunivan, Steve Franklin, Mary Lynn Gayler, Sammy Giammalva, Mia Gordon, David Gray, Arnaud Guillemard, Bobby Hagerman, Seelye Harrison, Cheryl Hultquist, Jeff Kurnik, Claire McFerran, Brian Notis, Edgar Pena, Daniel Rubio, Lee Thornburg, Lauren Vu.



September 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Kishan Anusuri Boys 14s L5
Oliver Eriksson Boys 16s L5
Sophie Geng Girls 16s L5
Miguel Rooney Boys 16s L5
Pratek Sherikar Boys 14s L5

September 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Isabella Loewen Girls 12s L6
Michael Shehan Boys 16s L6


July 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Kasey Fitzer Girls 18s L6
Olivia Hollingsworth Girls 12s L7
Dallis Ma Girls 12s L5
Noah Satir Boys 18s L6
Angelia Zhang Girls 12s L5


June 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Henry Birkholz Boys' 12U L3
Kishan Anusuri Boys' 12U L3
Jiarui Zhang Boys' 12U L3
Aryaman Reddy Boys' 12U L3
Elliott Awomoyi Boys' 12U L3
James Ross Boys' 12U L3
Luis Roger Boys' 14U L3
Dylan Varughese Boys' 14U L3
Shaan Bhagia Boys' 14U L3
Amy Whitehead Boys' 14U L3
Walker Tucker Boys' 14U L3
Anish Amte Boys' 14U L3
Ethan Thrower Boys' 14U L3
Eduardo Vilar-Iniesta Boys' 14U L3
Aidan Cebe Boys' 14U L3
Nash Baldridge and Sebastian Dasprez Boys' 14U L3
Vishwanathan Srinath Boys' 14U L3
Sebastian Flyckt Boys' 14U L3
Daniel Karia and William McEwan Boys' 14U L3
Anderson Causey Boys' 14U L3
Asim Hashem Boys' 14U L3
Ricky Huang Boys' 14U L3
Jon Totorica Boys' 14U L3
Brayden Effler Boys' 16U L3
Blake Anderson Boys' 16U L3
Joshua Hays Boys' 16U L3
Raja Pandya Boys' 16U L3
Faysal Alameddine Boys' 16U L3
Eli Sam Boys' 16U L3
Brayden Effler Boys' 16U L3
Danial Moeller Boys' 16U L3
Kyle Totorica Boys' 18U L3
Charlotte Lamb Girls' 12U L3
Macy Xu Girls' 12U L3
Zoe Young Girls' 12U L3
Eesha Kumar Girls' 14U L3
Mariana Castelazo Girls' 14U L3
Lauren Nolan Girls' 14U L3
Sasha Miroshnichenko Girls' 14U L3
Katherine Lowy Girls' 16U L3
Abigail Hughes Girls' 16U L3
Yihan Wang Girls' 16U L3
Emma Foster Girls' 16U L3
Anna Soto Girls' 16U L3
Ava Sieckmann Girls' 16U L3
Rosabella Andrade Girls' 16U L3
Josephine Lombardi Girls' 16U L3
Chloe Brissett Girls' 16U L3
Alyson Shannon Girls' 16U L3
Graydon John Boys 12s L6
Hugh Sheffield Boys 14s L6
Aaron Duong Boys 14s L6
Keaton Dassanayake Boys 16s L6
Luke Rogers Boys 16s L6
Luke Rogers Boys 16s L6
Samantha Favela Girls 12s L6
Samantha Favela Girls 12s L6
Tatum North Girls 14s L6
Clare Carmona Girls 14s L6
Olivia Hollingsworth Girls 12s L7


May 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Hugh Sheffield Boys 14s L6
Aaron Duong Boys 14s L6
Graydon John Boys 12s L6
Keaton Dassanayake Boys 16s L6


April 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Arzu Aliyeva Girls 12s L7
Aravindh Balaji Boys 14s L6
Maddox Carter Boys 12s L7
Siena Castro Girls 12s L6
Layla Flakes Girls 16s L5
Natalie Friedman Girls 12s L7
Kaitlyn Hakim Girls 12s L6
Kellen Hays Boys 14s L6
Aubrey Heard Girls 12s L7
Courtney Hill Girls 12s L7
Sebasitan Huynh Boys 12s L7
Shaan Iligin Boys 14s L6
Robert Morgan Boys 12s L7
Melia Silvey Girls 12s L7
Graydon St. John Boys 12s L7
Lydia Xu Girls 12s L6


February 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Sadie Burton Girls 12s L6
Sophia Flores Girls 12s L6
Addison Garza Girls 16s L6
Kathryn Letterer Girls 12s L6
Vignesh Salandri Boys 12s L6
Corina Salas Girls 14s L6
Emily Stoian Girls 14s L6
Brecklyn Turner Boys 12s L6


January 2022 Sportsmanship Pin Winners

Elliott Awomoyi Boys 14s L3
Qasyn Dar Boys 14s L3
Cutter Carrell Boys 16s L6


Past Sportsmanship Winners


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