Powercats Community Tennis, Spring 2019

USTA Texas is excited to pair up with USTA’s youth brand, Net Generation, to expand and enhance the various play opportunities available to kids across our great state, including our out-of-school programs.  




Net Generation is the USTA’s commitment to helping schools, organizations, parents, and volunteers build youth tennis in communities across the country.  Our Community Tennis programs are designed to introduce the game to kids of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities by using a “learn, rally, play” format.


Net Generation strives to capture the imaginations of our kids; encourages them to challenge themselves with a new standard of play; and helps shape the game to individual players, so they can learn at their own speed.  For providers and parents, Net Generation makes tennis approachable, accessible, and adaptable. ADVERTISEMENT And for kids, it uses tennis as a fun, relevant, and cool pathway to personal development beyond the court!




As the local USTA section, our goal is to connect with Texas providers, to build long-lasting relationships with them, and to identify how we can best support them and their tennis community.


The Texas Community Tennis program allows us to do just that by offering additional resources that enhance the quality of a provider’s Net Generation Community programs and help them market, manage, and run their programs efficiently.





The guidelines, requests, and requirements for our Texas Community Tennis programs are summarized below.  Additional details for each topic can be found in our Program Overview summary document.


All providers requesting a partnership with USTA Texas through our Texas Community Tennis program will be asked to complete our Program Overview Form to indicate that they understand and agree to these items. This form must be submitted prior to moving forward with a program and submitting a Prospective Site Form(s).


  1. Complete all required steps of their Net Generation profile

  2. Have at least (8) players registered using the Player Registration Forms provided

  3. Utilize the Net Generation Community curricula

  4. Determine and collect player registration fees

  5. Submit a Prospective Site Form approximately (4) weeks prior to the requested start date

  6. Submit a Program Flyer for review and approval at least (1) week prior to the start date

  7. Submit Participation Tracker on/before the start date

  8. Submit completed School Partnership Agreements for any/all local schools to which they will be offering the program on/before the start date

  9. Submit Program Wrap-Up within 14 days after the end date





Once you have reviewed these item details in the Program Overview summary document and are ready to get started, submit your Program Overview Form. For more information about Texas Community Tennis, contact USTA Texas Schools Coordinator Ainsley Williams at williams@texas.usta.com.


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