Eastern COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

April 22, 2020


Below are some answers to questions you might have regarding USTA Eastern programs and COVID-19. 


1. Now that Adult League and Junior Team Tennis (JTT) Nationals are canceled for 2020, does that mean Adult League Sectional Championships and JTT Sectional Championships will be canceled as well?

Yes, all Eastern JTT and Adult League Sectionals, including MXD, will be canceled for 2020. There are no plans to reschedule these events in 2020. Adult league and JTT coordinators are busy working on local league and JTT play opportunities once tennis is back open for business. We will concentrate on developing local play that encourages social distancing, competition, fun and of course, tennis.


2. Why are the Eastern Sectional Championships canceled? 

USTA Eastern has made the difficult decision to cancel 2020 Sectional tournaments. We understand that this may be very disappointing for our players, but health and safety remain the USTA’s top concerns. With that being said, we are committed to getting our players back on the court as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Our hope is to offer vibrant local summer leagues. We are working diligently to develop innovative play options once tennis is open for business again. Without being confined to regional and sectional dates, we will have the more flexibility to schedule these leagues right through August. In addition, prioritizing local play will hopefully provide support to local facilities, who have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Are JTT and adult local leagues that have not completed—or didn’t start yet—canceled?

Most leagues have different schedules so each JTT and adult league coordinator will assess the situation locally and communicate decisions their respective captains and players. We will do our best to resume all leagues (except 4.0 tri-level) once the suspension of play is lifted.


4. Can my 10 & Under Youth Progression player receive stars for a canceled tournament? 

We will not be extending participation stars for events that did not happen. However, you will be able to receive a refund (See Question 1). We will be awarding Youth Progression stars during the suspension through our Youth Progression at Home program. Learn more about the program here.


5. Will the National L4 Empire Cup events in March, April and May that have been suspended be rescheduled? If so, is there a timeline currently being considered? 

Eastern is working with tennis clubs to secure future dates for the National L3 and L4 tournaments that have been canceled. Please click here to read about the “new” L4 tournaments that are in the schedule for 2020.


6. When will the new junior and adult standings be published?

The determination has also been made to suspend the calculation and publication of the National Standings List (NSL) for Adult, Junior and Wheelchair play until further notice. The NSL published on March 18, 2020 will serve as the most current until tournament competition resumes. The junior eastern standing published on March 19 and the adult standings published on March 2 will serve as the most current until tournament competition resumes.


7. Will I get a junior tournament refund?

Yes. If the tournament registration has closed, please contact the tournament director to inquire about a refund. Please be patient with facilities in processing these refunds as most of them are closed. Refunds can only be sent via a paper check in the mail, as the system doesn’t allow us to apply a credit to your credit card. If you have registered for a tournament whose registration has not closed, please follow the instructions to withdraw, by clicking here.  This will give you a complete refund (not including the non-refundable Tennislink fee). 


8. What if I want a credit into a future event instead?

Tournament directors have the option to offer a credit into a future event as an alternative to a refund. Please speak to the tournament director about this option. 


9. Will my refund include the tennislink non-refundable processing fee? 

No, that fee is non-refundable and tournament directors cannot refund this charge.


10. Will my expiring membership get extended?

Expiring memberships will not be extended at this time.


11. Can I get a League or Junior Team Tennis refund?

Decisions regarding refunds and other reimbursement options are at the discretion of your section, district, or local area coordinator.

Adult League Refunds: Due to the impact of COVID-19, the issuance of refunds is on hold until the suspension has been lifted. Once the suspension has been lifted and players have the opportunity to evaluate the impact of rescheduling their specific league, the section will establish a refund policy.  


12. Can I register for tournaments whose start dates are after May 31?

We will continue to be transparent about the next steps moving forward for our programs and events. Updates from the USTA and USTA Eastern will continue to be posted on this page. We have attempted to change as many tournaments as possible to the “tournament director selection process". This means that players won’t be charged an entry fee until after selection is completed, at which point we hope to have made a decision as to whether the suspension period is extended. 


13. When will July, August and September tournaments be approved?

We have paused on sanctioning tournaments until after May 1.


14. I am a tournament director. How do I select players for my tournament now that the tournament has been switched over to the TD selection process? 

Click here to view an article from the TennisLink Help Center that will walk you through the steps. 


For more FAQs, please visit the USTA National FAQ page.

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