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Hispanic Engagement Success

Erin Maher  |  October 12, 2017

The USTA’s Diversity & Inclusion team awarded nine National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) programs a total of $168,500 in grants to programs serving Hispanic communities as part of the association’s continued efforts to grow the sport in the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. 


For the second consecutive year, the USTA’s D&I team awarded nine programs with an NJTL Hispanic Outreach Grant in partnership with the USTA Foundation. In addition, through the Hispanic Outreach Grants, 21 local community tennis and other outreach organizations were awarded grants to increase participation in new or existing tennis programs. 


To date, the number of new Hispanic youth participants from NJTL grant programs is up 663 students nationwide. 


The monetary support is just one facet of the many efforts made by the USTA to promote Hispanic engagement. ADVERTISEMENT During the US Open Series tournaments this summer, the USTA hosted multiple Hispanic Outreach Kids’ Day events that reached more than 900 kids. Hall of Famer Gigi Fernandez once again served as the spokesperson and led on and off-court activities for the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati and the Connecticut Open in New Haven. 


The USTA also hosted a local Net Generation Day event at the Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Education in Bronx, N.Y., providing an opportunity for youth and families to participate in an afternoon of tennis activities. 


Other Hispanic engagement efforts by the USTA in 2017 included partnering with the Professional Tennis Registry and the U.S. Professional Tennis Association to create a database of Hispanic/Latino tennis professionals. As a result, there are now more than 1,400 certified Hispanic/Latino coaches.


“This year marks one of our most successful efforts in engaging with Hispanic communities around the country, especially with the youth,” said USTA President Katrina Adams. “Last year proved that through our community outreach efforts, we were continuing on the right path toward participation growth, and this year’s results certainly proved it to be true with hundreds of Hispanic youth picking up a racquet and playing our sport.”



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