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In the last two decades, physical training and competitive opportunities have increased dramatically in junior, collegiate and professional tennis. This arose due to a multitude of factors, but much of it has stemmed from an increase in knowledge and understanding of scientifically based training programs focused on improving performance. As this focus on performance has increased, the area of recovery has received relatively limited focus. Recovery is a multi-faceted paradigm focusing on recovery from training—session to session, day to day and week to week. Recovery is also vitally important during training as well as in competition between matches and between days during multi-day tournaments. As more information is needed in the area of tennis specific recovery, the Sport Science Committee of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) sponsored an extensive evidence-based review of the available literature related to eight distinct areas of tennis-specific recovery. These eight areas are:

• Nutritional Aspects of Tennis Recovery
• Heat and Hydration Aspects of Tennis Recovery
• Psychological Aspects of Tennis Recovery
• Recovery Aspects of Young Tennis Players
• Physiological Aspects of Tennis Recovery
• Musculoskeletal Injuries/ Orthopedics Aspects of Tennis Injury
• General Medical Aspects of Recovery
• Coaching Specific Aspects of Recovery

As the mission of the USTA Sport Science Department is "to produce, evaluate and disseminate sport science and sports medicine information relevant to tennis," this project was a priority to help bridge the gap between the current scientific literature covering recovery in tennis and how thisinformation may be applied practically to coaches, players and parents. The major objective of this project was to gain a greater understanding of the information currently available and provide some guidance on how tennis players should be recovering from training and competition with a specific focus on reducing the likelihood of injury as well as improving performance, health and safety. 

To download a PDF of the complete Recovery Project click here.

In addition to the complete Recovery Project, the Recovery in Tennis booklet is also available. The booklet is a 28 page practical summary of the information from the Recovery Project specifically created to communicate the most relevant facts to coaches.

To download a PDF of the Recovery in Tennis booklet click here.



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