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It’s never been easier to get your kids active and having fun with tennis. With equipment sized right for age and ability, and programs just for kids throughout the country, tennis is ready—and waiting—for your child!

Tennis sized right for age and ability let’s kids play on shorter courts, with smaller racquets, and slower, lower-bouncing balls. Kids play tennis made just for them, so that they have a great time with the game and want to keep playing and improving. 

We’ll guide you through the many ways kids can get started in the game, play and compete, so that they can have a great time with their friends:

Family-focused Tennis Festivals, jamborees and events are hosted all over the country at local schools, parks, youth centers and tennis facilities.  These events feature tennis games and activities that are easy and welcoming for everyone, even if you’ve never held a racquet. They’re designed to make your family’s first experience with the sport a memorable—and fun—one.

Kids have the opportunity to try tennis for free or at a low cost in school and after-school programs like Kids’ Tennis Clubs, TGA Premier Youth Tennis and National Junior Tennis and Learning. These programs let kids try tennis in a safe and supervised environment.  Kids have fun, gain confidence and meet new friends—all while staying active and learning important life skills.

The best thing about tennis is that it can be played anywhere! All you need is a racquet and a ball and you can start playing with your family today. You can create a court with chalk lines and a piece of string as a net. It’s that easy to get out and play.

Whether it’s playing outside with the family, attending a festival or being part of an after-school program, we’ll help you find the right equipment to help you enjoy tennis sized right at YouthTennis.com.

Once kids get comfortable with the game, they can progress to more organized play such as Play Days, USTA Jr. Team Tennis and USTA Junior Tournaments—and keep playing for a lifetime.

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