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Brad Parks Award


The USTA Annual Meeting and Conference



Any individual or group that has been involved in playing, coaching, organizing, sponsoring or promoting wheelchair tennis. The Brad Parks Award will be given each year in recognition of outstanding contribution to the sport of wheelchair tennis. It will be presented to an individual or group that has been instrumental in providing opportunities to wheelchair players through the development of programs that promote the growth of wheelchair tennis at the section or national level.



Nominations will be solicited from the tennis community; the winner will be selected by the USA Wheelchair Tennis Committee and Staff. Nominations are due October 15, 2018. 


Click here for the nomination form

Brad Parks Award


Jason Allen, Wheelchair Tennis


10000 USTA Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32827



Jason Allen



Established as perpetual large etched piece of crystal on an elegant base with room to inscribe names of annual winners, and a replica of the trophy is given to the winner. Perpetual award is housed at White Plains Headquarters and during US Open the award is displayed in the US Open gallery.



The Brad Parks Award was established in 2002. It recognizes outstanding contributions to the game of wheelchair tennis and was named after Brad Parks, a pioneer of wheelchair tennis and the first wheelchair tournament champion, who has been instrumental in the development of wheelchair tennis around the world. The award is presented at the Awards Luncheon during the USTA Annual Meeting to an individual or group that has provided opportunities to wheelchair players through the development of programs that promote the growth of wheelchair tennis at the sectional or national level. The recipient may be involved through playing, coaching, sponsoring, or promoting wheelchair tennis. Each annual recipient’s name will be added to the permanent trophy, which will be housed at the USTA National Tennis Center, and a replica will be given to the recipient.



2002       Randy Snow

2003       Jim Rackett

2004       Bruce Karr

2005       Grand Rapids Wheelchair Sports Association

2006       Jeanie Peabody

2007       Michael L. Mercier

2008       Dr. Bal Moore

2009       Bill Hammett

2010       Annette and Jim Buck

2011       Dean Oba

2012       Rick Draney

2013       City of Mission Viejo, Calif.

2014       *Not awarded due to change in timeline

2015       Harlon Matthews

2016       Anthony Lara

2017       Gene Orlando

2018       Grady Landrum 

2019       Dee Henry

2020       Dr. Michael Cottingham

2021       Nick Taylor

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