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Jr. McGovern Award


US Open



USTA-certified chair or line umpire



Outstanding on court officiating by a relatively new official who shows talent and potential. Recognizes service and excellence by younger officials.



Not necessarily given annually.  Selection is made when the committee for the John T. McGovern Award receives a nomination for a worthy candidate in the Jr. McGovern Award category.  The committee is composed of previous recipients of the John T. McGovern Award.



The committee meets annually at the US Open.



USTA Officiating Department
10000 USTA Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827
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Jr McGovern 2019


With qualifications similar to the John T. McGovern Award, the Jr. McGovern Award recognizes service and excellence by younger officials showing promise as a chair umpire.



1948          Ailie Tesloff

1949          Frank Hammond

1950          Andrew Dennon

1951-55    Not Awarded  

1956          Jeffrey Cox

1957          Betty Brown

1958          R. Michael Dunne

1959          Helen S. Coman

1960          Not Awarded  

1961          Tom Konchalski

1962          Not Awarded  

1963          John B. Coman

1964          Jane Dally

1965-72    Not Awarded  

1973          John J. Halonka Jr.

1974-81    Not Awarded  

1982          Scott Jason Svonkin

1983          Jerold Reagan Lipp

1984          Dave Radoccia

1985          Not Awarded  

1986          Not Awarded  

1987          Not Awarded  

1988          Not Awarded  

1989          Not Awarded  

1990          Rocky Hardy

1991          Not Awarded  

1992          Joe Maxberry

1993          Cecil Hollins

1994          Dan Oppenheim

1995-97    Not Awarded  

1998          Jake Garner

1999          Not Awarded  

2000          Chris Wilson

2001          Not Awarded  

2002          Not Awarded  

2003          Not Awarded  

2004          Tom Skeen

2005-07    Not Awarded  

2008          Andrew Walker

2009          Not Awarded  

2010          Michaela Moon

2011          Not Awarded  

2012          Courtney Potkey

2013-14    Not Awarded  

2015         Greg Allensworth

2016         Scott Elbin

2017         Stephen Peterson

2018         Not Awarded

2019         Carla Brangenberg

2020         Not Awarded

2021         Scotty Moore

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