President's Award


USTA Annual or Semiannual Meeting & Conference.



The USTA President, annually, semi-annually, or from time to time may select a recipient to receive the President’s Award. For this award, any person may offer a nomination, in writing, to the President or the USTA Board of Directors. The USTA Awards Committee may be called upon to select from the nominee list.



Nominations may be made at any time.



Christine Castro



Established in 1999 during the term of USTA President Julia A. Levering, the President’s Award honors an individual(s) generally not eligible for other USTA awards.


1999   Irene Corona

2000   Cynthia A. Erb

2001   Walter S. Segaloff

2002   Joy Rodenberg

2003   Phyllis "Woodie" Walker

2004   Bronal Harris

2005   Robert Lansdorp

2006   Billie Jean King

2007   Lindsay Davenport

2008   Mike & Bob Bryan John & Katherine McEnroe

2009   Jodie H. Adams

2010   David N. Dinkins

2011    David A Benjamin

2012   Andre Agassi

2013   Stan Smith

2014   Mary Joe Fernandez

2015   Francesco Ricci Bitti

2016   Benjamin H. Woods Sr.

2017   Rosie Casals

2018    Chrissie Evert
            Don Tisdel

2019    Arthur Ashe (posthumously)
            Charlie Pasarell
            Sheridan Snyder



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