Super Seniors' Service Award


Announced and presented at the Annual Meeting of Super Senior, Inc., in Knoxville, Tenn., in September during the USTA National Men’s 55 & 65 Clay Court Championships.



A male player who is at least 55 years old.


The person must have made a substantial contribution to Super Senior Tennis, Inc. This contribution can have been made by a player, a tennis enthusiast, a tournament director or by a non-player who has helped to promote tennis for the “young at heart.”



Nominations are sent to Super Senior Tennis.



Contact the below representative for more information.



John Powless, USTA Super Senior Tennis

P.O. Box 44715, Madison, WI 53744

(608) 274-6262



The Super Senior Service Award is given annually to the person who, in the opinion of the Super Senior Tennis board of directors, has made a notable contribution to the promotion of tennis for the 55-and-over USTA-recognized age divisions. This contribution can be made by a player, a tennis enthusiast, a tournament director, or by a non-player who has helped to promote tennis for the “young at heart.”



1975        L. Roe Campbell

1976        C. Alphonso Smith

1977        Thomas Todd

1978        A.L. Zerbe

1979        Eldon Roark

1980        Bryan M. (Bitsy) Grant, Jr.

1981        Kirk Reid

1982        David L. Freed

1983        Will Bolton

1984        Dr. Leslie H. Jenkins

1985        W. Ted Swenson

1986        Stanley K. Ford

1987        Don Swenson

1988        Jim Rogers

1989        Col. Nicholas E. Powel

1990        John Powless

1991        A.W. (Buck) Archer

1992        John Powless

1993        Joe Cullman III

1994        Richard O. (Dick) Covington

1995        Robert Loy

1996        Fritz Ball

1997        Doug Crary

1998        Jack Geisel

1999        Monte Ganger

2000        Eric Pollard

2001        Herb Hauser

2002        Giichi Suzuke

2003        Art Russo

2004        Bill Tully

2005        Richard DeVoe

2006        Janet & Niesi Sie

2007        William Luri

2008        Jack Morton

2009        Not Awarded

2010        Doug Crary

2011        Charles "Chuck" DeVoe

2012        William "Bill" Hussey

2013        Church DeVoe

2014        Richard Crawford

2015        Russell Fink

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