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Southern California

Hall Of Fame - Southern California Tennis Association

May 18, 2017


Unforgettable Hall Of Fame Induction


The Southern California Tennis Association’s 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner was held on September 20th at the Riviera Country Club, in Pacific Palisades. The venue was the perfect setting for the attendees to spend time to catch up and share reflections about all the accomplishments of the honorees.  “Family” was the theme of this year’s gala, which is the reason that Wayne and Kathy Bryan, Jerry and Jeanie Buss, William “Bill” Rombeau, Brian Teacher and Pam Teeguarden were recognized.

2015 Hall Of Fame Inductees (Jeanie Buss not included)
Photos Cynthia Lum

Read the full story about the 2015 Hall Of Fame Induction.

SCTA Hall Of Fame Honor Roll

It is believed that the Hall of Fame Trophy was presented to Bill Tilden for winning six consecutive United States singles titles from 1920 to 1925. ADVERTISEMENT Perry Jones had it mounted on a pedestal and in 1968, the names of fifteen Southern California champions were engraved. Since that time, a collection of players, coaches and special individuals have been added to the Southern California Tennis Association Hall of Fame honor roll.  There are now eighty-three members in this very exclusive club.


  • Kathy Bryan
  • Wayne Bryan
  • Jeanie Buss
  • Jerry Buss
  • Bill Rombeau
  • Brain Teacher
  • Pam Teeguarden


  • Vic Braden
  • Michael Chang
  • Lindsay Davenport
  • Rick Leach
  • Gilbert (Gil) Shea
  • Kathy Willette


  • Pat Canning Todd
  • Dorothy Head Knode
  • Billie Jean King 2011
  • Franklin (Frank) Johnson
  • Dick Leach
  • Billy Martin
  • Kathy May Fritz
  • Hugh Stewart


  • Robert (Bob) Falkenburg
  • Margaret (Peggy) Michel
  • Robert (Bob) Lutz
  • Robert Lansdorp
  • Patricia (Pat) Yeomans
  • Stanley (Stan) Smith


  • Darlene Hard
  • Gertrude (Gussy) Moran
  • Charles (Charlie) Pasarell
  • Dennis Ralston
  • Ted Schroeder
  • Pam Shriver



  • Tracy Austin
  • Glenn Bassett
  • Beverly Baker Fleitz
  • Pancho Gonzalez
  • Pancho Segura



  • Louise Brough Clapp
  • Jon Douglas
  • Carl Earn
  • Allen Fox
  • Karen Hantze Susman



  • Alex Olmedo  
  • Brad Parks
  • Leonard Straus
  • George Toley



  • Joe Bixler              
  • Jack Kramer 1



  • Dorothy Bundy Cheney
  • Joe Hunt
  • Robert Kelleher
  • William S. Kellogg
  • Gene Mako
  • Alice Marble



  • Ethel Sutton Bruce     
  • Violet Sutton Hope-Doeg
  • Elizabeth Ryan
  • Florence Sutton



  • William Henry



  • May Sutton Bundy
  • Ellsworth Vines



  • Eloise Watson Bekins                         
  • Claude Wayne



  • Perry Jones



  • Maureen Connolly Brinker                                                    
  • Maurice McLoughlin                                     
  • Rafael Osuna



  • Alphonso Bell             
  • James Bettner                                                            
  • Thomas  Bundy                                              
  • Edward Dickson                              
  • Marion Jones Farquhar                                                          
  • William May Garland                                    
  • Grace Gilliland                                   
  • Isaac Jones                             
  • Crawford Kent                                    
  • Simpson Sinsabaugh              
  • Reese Taylor                          
  • William Thatcher                               
  • Archibald Way                                   
  • Gerald Young                         
  • William Young 



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