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So. Much. Tennis


Tennis is booming.  U.S. tennis participation grew by 1 million players in 2022; with more than 6 million new tennis players since 2020, representing an increase of 33%. Locally, Colorado has seen similar growth. In fact Denver has been ranked #1 or #2 in the nation in league participation for more than a decade.



Need. More. Advocacy. 


The staggering growth in participation has created a strain on infrastructure and program availability statewide. We must work together so tennis can grow at pace with its popularity. USTA invites you to become a Champion for Tennis!


Tennis Champions are everywhere. They are everyday people passionate about tennis; willing to share their voice to grow the game they love. Tennis Champions like you help support our efforts for more court access and maintenance; and help foster community wellness by sharing the lifelong health and social benefits of tennis with others. Tennis Champions are here for the sport, and for those that love the sport, actively ensuring its future. Tennis Champions have three responsibilities:


Tennis Champions have three responsibilities:

  1. Stay Connected
  2. Give input
  3. Help tell the story


Let your passion shine. 

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