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2019-26 Long-Term Strategic Plan

The USTA's long-term vision focuses on specific strategic priorities and core values that are geared toward the organization's mission: "To promote and develop the growth of tennis." Learn more about each below.


Attract, engage and retain new generations of diverse tennis participants

Proactive outreach to a new, diverse youth generation through schools, parks, and other providers is vital to the future of tennis. We must continually reinforce sportsmanship, ensure safe play, and innovate programming to serve the needs of multiple generations of competitive and social players while adapting to evolving consumer lifestyles.


Lead industry-wide improvements to the tennis delivery system, provider education and consumer experience

Improvements in existing and future facilities infrastructure must also be supported by continuously raising the bar in provider education, facilities management, and programming quality. Providing an exceptional consumer experience means that tennis providers must be knowledgeable about the needs and expectations of all consumers.


Build and optimize best-in-class digital infrastructure and platforms

Creating intuitive and seamless digital connectivity with the tennis community and positive online user experiences will enhance customer engagement and loyalty. We must continually improve our use of data to derive actionable insights to make informed decisions, measure effectiveness of our programs and initiatives, and evaluate longer-term impact on our mission to grow the game.


Ensure continued financial growth and performance

Our efforts to grow the game rely on our continued ability to build revenues through our core events, products and services. We must engage in constant evaluation of current investments, exercise fiscal responsibility, and explore opportunities that enable us to diversify our revenue streams and ensure long-term financial health and stability.


Collaborate within the USTA and tennis ecosystem for the common good of tennis

We must establish a culture that encourages and rewards teamwork, innovation, and communication. By fostering cooperative National/Section relationships, building mutually beneficial partnerships across the tennis ecosystem, and establishing influential alliances with other sports organizations, we can more effectively grow tennis.




We provide outstanding, value-adding products and services to our members, tennis consumers, and the communities where we operate. By proactively establishing collaborative, high‑performing partnerships with other tennis providers we collectively accelerate the growth of the tennis industry.



We believe that tennis changes lives in positive ways and are inspired by that possibility to act with a sense of energy, determination, and enthusiasm. Passion is the fuel that drives all that we do.



We embrace change and encourage creative approaches to delivering products and services that exceed the expectations of our members and tennis consumers. By taking educated risks, we ensure that consumers of all ages and abilities can participate in tennis for a lifetime.



We encourage and embrace the participation and contributions of all people who desire to be engaged with our organization. By honoring and leveraging the diversity of thought, expertise, cultural heritage, and individual differences we ensure the long‑term growth and sustainability of tennis.



We operate all of our endeavors within an environment of trust, mutual respect, and safe play conditions. Our reputation is well-respected by all because we consistently treat those we deal with in a fair, honest, and ethical manner.



We operate with total commitment and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of performance. Individually and collectively, we are responsible for delivering on our mission and our brand promise.



Adopted: Sept. 4, 2018, by USTA Board of Directors


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