Tennis in Schools


Whether you’re a PE teacher who's teaching tennis for the first time, or a veteran coach who's now on court with middle and high school teams, the USTA has the resources and trainings you need to be successful both on and off the court.



Empowering Educators, Inspiring Kids

As educators, you hold the power to shape young minds. Tennis is not just a sport; it's a powerful tool to help you fulfill your mission of nurturing well-rounded individuals. The USTA understands the transformative power of tennis, and we've developed a suite of Net Generation tools and resources for you. Together, we can inspire kids to lead active, healthy lives inside and outside the classroom.


Tennis boosts cognitive development: 48% of youth tennis players maintain an "A" average.


Tennis enhances critical-thinking skills by applying geometry and physics principles.


Tennis fosters a healthy lifestyle and reduces the risk of childhood obesity and other juvenile health problems.


Tennis builds self-esteem, optimism and mental well-being.

*According to the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) 2018 Tennis Participation Study.

Bring Tennis to Your School

Ready to ace tennis in your school? Registration is not just easy; it's FREE! As a part of the USTA community, you'll unlock turnkey tennis curriculum, lesson plans, equipment and more–all tailored to fit seamlessly into your school's curriculum.

Serve Tennis: The H.S. Coaches' Module

Discover the USTA High School Coaches' Module in Serve Tennis! In addition to managing your teams, scheduling matches and entering scores, as well as viewing previous match results and current standings, you can run your state tournament in the module— all with ITF World Tennis Number integration!

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