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School Tennis

Now bringing tennis to your school is easier than ever with resources and training available from the USTA.

Now bringing tennis to your school is easier than ever with resources and training available from the USTA.

How Tennis Benefits Your School

You help shape the future of the kids you teach every day, and tennis is an excellent sport to help you in that mission. Studies show that youth who play tennis are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and volunteer in the community. The USTA created the Net Generation suite of tools and resources with you in mind and with your help, we can inspire kids to get active—and stay active! 


Whether you’re teaching tennis in a Physical Education class for the first time or looking to continue your coaching passion with Middle and High School teams, the USTA has the resources you need to be successful on and off the court.

The Benefits of Tennis as a Sport 

*According to the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) 2018 Tennis Participation Study.

Good Grades

Tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, which may generate new connections between nerves in the brain, promoting a lifetime of continued brain development. 48% of youth tennis players have an “A” average and spend more time studying.

Problem Solving

Tennis players use geometry and physics principles to evaluate angles to get the best result. This application of knowledge improves problem-solving off the court.

Physical Health 

Kids who play tennis are less likely to be overweight. They are more likely to gain physical skills that can keep them active for a lifetime.


Tennis players exhibit higher self-esteem and optimism than other athletes or non-athletes. Tennis players show lower tension, anger, and depression, too.

Get Tennis in your School

Registration is free, and when you become an active part of the USTA, you will get access to turnkey tennis curriculum, lesson plans, equipment and more.

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