ITF World Tennis Number

Developed by the International Tennis Federation, the world governing body of tennis, the ITF World Tennis number is a globally recognized rating system, and is being adopted in over 140 countries, including the U.S.


The ITF World Tennis Number tools are now live in Serve Tennis for tournament directors and organizers to use for:


  • Seeding & Selection
  • Grouping & Flighting
  • Banded Events
  • Match Play

Free Tool

Free Tool


This advanced tool makes it easy to group level-based play and helps in seeding for programming.

Global Scale

Global Scale


It’s a 40-1 global scale. Players get one number for singles and one for doubles. Beginners start at 40 and professional tennis players will be closer to 1.

Weekly Data

Weekly Data


Data updated weekly with millions of player match results across the U.S. and the world, which means more data points are analyzed.

ITF World Tennis Number Scale

Each player has access to a personalized scale, which includes GAMEzONe. GAMEzONe helps players identify a range of potential opponents whose numbers are of similar ability, ensuring the best possible experience on court! 

ITF World Tennis Number Tools in Serve Tennis and Tournament Desk

 ITF World Tennis Number Provider Tutorials

See below for tutorials on how to create a WTN Tournament in Serve Tennis and complete tournament selection in Tournmanet Desk using the ITF World Tennis Number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The ITF World Tennis Number provides a global standard for players. It is a 40-1 scale, with 40 being a beginner player and 1 being an elite professional. This scale is for all players, regardless of age, gender, or ability. Players will have a separate ITF World Tennis Numbers for singles and doubles.

  • The ITF World Tennis Number was developed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The ITF is the international governing body of tennis that works with national associations worldwide to support the growth of the sport

  • Participation in USTA and ITF events will result in an ITF World Tennis Number rating. Players need match results in order to generate an initial rating. Initial ITF World Tennis Number ratings may be at a lower “Confidence Factor” until more match results are recorded.
  • The ITF World Tennis Number algorithm uses match result data as provided by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to calculate your ITF World Tennis Number. Results provided by the USTA from as far back as 2016 can be used in calculating your rating. The more data used, the more accurate the rating. Pre-match ratings of both players are used by the algorithm to project the outcome of the match. Your ITF World Tennis Number changes depending on your match score and how it compares to the projection. Current results carry more weight than older results. Over time, a result carries less and less weight in your rating calculation. Match results are analyzed at set level; the algorithm takes into account each individual set as its own result.
  • Here are a few ways the United States plans to use the ITF World Tennis Number in the near future:

    • Ratings-based events   

    • Selection and seeding in USTA Junior Tournaments

    • ITF acceptance

  • Player Development: Statistics to track your progress and help improve your game

  • Future seeding, selection and flighting by ITF World Tennis Number in USTA Tournaments and level-based tournaments

  • ITF World Tennis Number will be used in ITF tournament selection

  • GameZone: Easily identify players at your level for closer matches, more fun and more improvement

  • Track favorite players, friends, professionals, local competition, and team comparisons

  • International system: Players from all over the world will be using the ITF World Tennis Number

  • Match wins make up your USTA ranking. Ranking points are awarded by either points per round or points per win, depending on the tournament level. Match scores make up your WTN rating. Match scores are analyzed at set level. The algorithm takes into account each individual set as its own result.