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Many tennis facilities offer a variety of social programming to focus on FUN! A drop-in option allows participants to play for a few hours with multiple partners. Half-day or one-day events are often team based and include all skill levels. Social leagues are typically offered once a week and may include several facilities. Some social leagues or events are held at non-tennis venues using foam balls and light racquets—think breweries, town centers, or other outdoor spots just to name a few.


To get more adults playing tennis more often, you’ll find the number of social leagues on the rise. Show your creativity and offer tennis in a relaxed, social, and welcoming environment for all players, new and seasoned. Make an impact with Social Leagues and instill the love of the game in new players and future generations for years to come!


Icon of two people with ones hand on the others shoulder

Co-Ed, all-inclusive environment

Icon of a scoreboard

Multi-week season that may or may not include local playoffs

Icon of a tennis player on their knees holding a tennis racquet in the air

Includes all skill levels

Icon of a stack of money


Icon of a stopwatch

Shortened format - most popular being timed matches

Icon of a paper with a checklist and a pen on top


Limited rules and regulations



  • Increase revenue by requiring a small fee for players to participate 
  • Attract new players to tennis
  • Retain more players with a fun environment that builds community
  • Fill open court time
  • Easy to organize, host, and run
  • Diversify your program offerings
  • In today’s busy world, create an exciting, social, and fun environment that helps players reduce stress


Check out these tips for success as you build your young adult teams.


If you have any questions please reach out to Marilyn Sherman Social Play, National Manager, or your section's contact below.

Unsure of your Section? See the Map


"Red Ball Team challenge was a great way to introduce kids to competitve tennis and the kids had a lot of fun. We definitely want to do it again and we hope to beinvolved in the Orange Ball pilot program and Green Ball pilot as well."

Peter Green

"I felt the red ball team challenge accomplished two major things: First the parents better understand why the modified equipment works and second we have converted at least one coach working with this age group to proper modified equipment. On top of everything else the kids had fun!"

Leigh Chak

"The kids and parents loved the team challenge. Every kid was asking when the next one was and we already have word of mouth interest from kids that heard about it. It is a great retention tool and recruitment tool to introduce tennis to new young players."

Adam Moulda



Find the resources and tools to help you run a successful event.

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