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USTA Team Challenge Winter Promotion

Winter Promotion for Team Challenge Providers!


Host a USTA Team Challenge between Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2021 and receive a free USTA Sports bag. The first 400 providers to host a USTA Team Challenge during this time will be eligible. View the steps to enter. Click here for promotional details.


Ask your USTA Section how to receive a free Welcome Kit with tennis balls, player giveaways and more. 


USTA Team Challenge is an introduction to tennis competition offering a low-pressure team environment for children of all ages to develop their skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results. USTA Team Challenge can be played with red, orange and green ball and USTA has turnkey resources to help you run this program.  


USTA Team Challenge is intended to be played before players move on to Junior Team Tennis or individual tournaments. Participants are expected to at least drop hit serve from the service line over the net and sustain a modified rally which can be rolling, trapping, bumping, or hitting. This program must be delivered by USTA Safe Play approved providers and can be delivered as a single event or a series of up to six events.


The more USTA Team Challenges that are offered, the more opportunities for players to develop their skills, have fun and for players under 10, to collect PlayTracker points.



Increased Revenue

Simple to Organize/Host/Run

Team Challenge Welcome Kit

User-Friendly Registration System

Turn-Key Marketing Materials

Proven Field-Tested Offering


Guaranteed Play/ Flexible Formats
Fun, Social Setting
Highlights Character & Skill Development
USe Red, Orange or Green Balls
Short Time Commitment
Deliver Single or Series of Events

What's the Difference

Team Challenge and Team Tournament are new programs offering low pressure team environments for children of all ages to gain match experience, develop their skills through level based play, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
These programs and their supporting resources will help you deliver a fantastic introduction to the sport of tennis to youth all over, which can lead to a lifelong love of tennis from the very first play opportunity!

Ready to get started? 

To host a USTA Team Challenge and be eligible for the winter promotion, follow these steps:

1. Visit Serve Tennis and log in with your USTA account (or create an account)

            (If you are not already linked to an organization, please click here for steps)


2. Click on ‘Programming’


3. Click on ‘USTA Team Challenge’


4. Click on the ‘Add new event’ button

  •     For promotion gift eligibility, host your event between Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2021


5. Create your USTA Team Challenge


6. Deliver your USTA Team Challenge!

For questions, submit a Customer Care inquiry here.

See what others are saying..

“In Richmond, VA, we’ve introduced a weekly ‘match play’ tennis program for beginners. Just show up and play a fun but competitive match with players of similar skill levels. No assigned partners; players just switch around and keep count of the number of games won each session. At the end of the fourth session, a king and queen of the court will be awarded a special prize package and a players’ party with adult beverages for everyone. Fun with new friends and food. What better way to spend an evening?!”
“The social play events we host at our Azusa Tennis Program is a great way to create an entry point for new and returning tennis players invited by their friends. With a focus on a fun, positive experience, we are seeing a lot of returning players who want more.”
“Adult social programs are not only helping grow our sport by connecting with new players, but it has helped me connect as a provider with people I wouldn’t have otherwise. Being able to see firsthand the new friendships made via social play interaction lets me know that the future of our sport is very bright with these programs leading the way.”

How did it go?  

Did you already host a team challenge? Send us your feedback. 

Resource Library

Looking for Resources and flyers to help you run this event? Check out the resource library for all you need.

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