Teaching Tennis

Workshops & Certification

January 2, 2017
<h1>Teaching Tennis</h1>
<h2>Workshops &amp; Certification</h2>

The coach is where current and aspiring players turn to learn the basics of tennis, to refine their swings, fine-tune their serves and advance their skills and their pursuit of our lifetime sport.


For many, coaches are their point of entry into the game. As such, you serve many functions, from teacher and motivator to cheerleader and psychologist. No matter what role you play, your part in a player’s development – and the way you approach that teaching – is crucial. It is also highly rewarding. Coaching gives you the opportunity to mold games and maybe even change lives.


Get Involved in a Tennis Camp or Club

  • Start your kids or grandkids at home
  • Teach introductory courses in parks, schools or community courts
  • Coach in a camp
  • Coach after-school programs
  • Coach a USTA Junior Team Tennis squad
  • Coach a middle school team
  • Coach a high school team
  • Become a club coach or teaching pro
  • Coach high-performance players


Get Started with a Tennis Workshop


There are excellent on-court and at-home workshops for coaches working with players of all ages and ability levels. These workshops are interactive, fun and participants learn by doing.


To learn more about these dynamic online courses and interactive on-court workshops, visit CoachYouthTennis.com.


Tips and Instruction


Looking for a refresher on the basics? Want a place to send your students to learn more about the basic strokes, tips on how to improve, match strategy and more? Check out the USTA’s Improve Your Game section.


Coaching Certifications


Take your tennis career to the next level by becoming a certified professional. You can get certified by one of the professional tennis teaching organizations, including the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).


Click here for more on these two certification programs.


Become a Coach … Today!


Whether you’re here to get started, to learn more, to find resources or to get certified, we can help you take the next step in your coaching career – and to help you help thousands or tennis players in the U.S. find themselves in the game.


So get on the court and in the game, and help develop the next generation of tennis players, fans and perhaps even world-class champions.


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